Wolf Run Slot Review

Wolf Run Slot is one of the outstanding slots you will find in the collection of International Game Technology(IGT). For many years, IGT has remained one of the most innovative and consistent game providers in the online gaming industry.

This is why the Wolf Run Slot is one of the most popular animal-themed slots at online casino sites globally. As the name implies, this slot focuses solely on Wolves.

This slot shares a striking semblance to the Wild Wolf slot, as they are both created by the same developer, IGT.

If you have a thing for wolves, animals, or the wild, in general, this is a must-play slot. However, if you are new to the online gaming world, this is an amazing slot. This action-packed slot comes with 4 rows, 5 reels, and 40 winning ways (paylines).

Wolf Run is a low volatility slot with a Return To Player(RTP) of 94.98%. This video slot is available to all, meaning that you can access it via your desktops, iPhones, tablets, iPads, and Androids.


As you would expect, the Wolf Run Slot centres around wolves. The design concept of this slot has Native-American written all over it. You will find it fascinating.

Wolf Run Slot setting features thick forests, mountains with its peaks concealed by snow, a pack of wolves, brightly coloured symbols, orange skies, and a faint yellow screen.

There is also a dark background and a full moon, giving players a clear impression that it is nighttime. This suits the game perfectly, as this is when wolves step out the most. All of these make this slot eye-catching and suspenseful.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics and animations in this slot are simple and amazing. You can easily notice how it brings much-needed vibrancy and beauty to the gameplay on this slot.

The Wolf Run Slot uses a combination of 3D technology and cartoons to bring to life the game's imagery.

This makes it appealing to players to enjoy playing slots with high-quality graphics. Whenever you punch the spin button in this slot, you will hear a melodic soundtrack that complements the slot and adds an extra spice to the gameplay.

You will mostly find colours like Blue, Green, and Purple spread across this wolf-themed slot.


The symbols on this slot portray the simplicity of this slot. You can easily understand each symbol and its functions. Wolf Run Slot comes with 11 normal symbols.

These symbols are divided into low-value and high-value symbols. The low-value symbols in this slot are the regular playing symbols on most slots. They include Ace(A), Jack(J), King(K), Queen(Q), 9, and 10. The howling wolf at full moon, the white wolf, the black wolf, Brown Totem, and Eagle Totem.

Like most slots, Wolf Run Slot has a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The Howling Wolf at full moon denotes the Wild symbol, replacing other symbols in the slot (bar the Bonus symbols) to create a winning combination.

The Dream Catcher is this slot's most unique character. It also doubles as the scatter symbol.

How To Win At Wild Run Slot

You do not need any special technique or skill to win when you play the Wild Run Slot. You win at the Wild Run Slot whenever you land five wild symbols on a payline. Once you do this, you will get 1,000× your original bet.


The features on the Wild Run Slot will undoubtedly make your gaming experience worthwhile. In this slot, 2 key features bring excitement and thrill to the game.

They are the Wolf Run Stacked Wilds and the Wolf Run Free Bets Spins.

Wolf Run Stacked Wilds: Your chances of winning whenever you play the Wild Run Slot increases when you land at least four stacked wild symbols on every reel. This is why the stacked wilds are a great addition.

It comes with extra power that can boost your winnings. Note that you can only trigger this feature during the bonus game.

Wolf Run Free Spins: Landing three or more scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 is the only way you can activate this feature.

Once activated, you instantly get a reward of 5 free spins.
In addition, there's an opportunity for you to land a few stacked wilds, which will boost your winning chances.

There is a high possibility of receiving as high as 244 spins in the bonus round when you land extra free spins.

Final Words

Wolf Run is an exciting slot that will certainly pique your interest if you love an animal-themed slot. The graphics in this slot is easy on the eye, and the gameplay is straightforward.

It's a great fit for any newbie in the online gaming world. The Stacked Wilds and Free spins available at this slot increase the prospect of big wins and more fun. You find this slot remarkable.

If you crave a nighttime howling wolves slot experience, you should play Wolf Run Slot.

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