Why Should You Switch to PayPal Casinos?

If you’re a PayPal user, then you might’ve heard of their new and improved phone app. Indeed, back in September PayPal revamped its app to be even more user-friendly and practical.

This of course greatly affects PayPal casino users. Whether you’re a pay by phone player or a desktop gambler, you’ve probably already considered PayPal as one of the many e-wallet options you can use at a casino.

So why should you privilege PayPal over casino-specific apps like Skrill or Neteller? Well, let’s take a look at a few arguments.

PayPal Casino: New and Improved Phone App

Like we mentioned, there are a few new cool features integrated into the PayPal app to make it more palatable to users and easy to use. The app’s designers also decided to take full advantage of recent phone tech developments to boost security.


Fingerprint ID

paypal fingerprint idA lot of new smartphones integrate this particular piece of tech – a fingerprint scanner at the front or back of the phone. It was initially implemented so users could run their finger over it to unlock the phone.

Well, now you can use it to unlock certain apps too. Like PayPal.

This allows phone security to skyrocket as there can no longer be any question of password hacking. And along with being ultra-secure, it also allows users to get into their account faster.

This gives PayPal a significant advantage over other banking apps if players want to pay by phone. Thanks to verifying PayPal payments with a flick of the finger, it makes casino payments as instantaneous and secure as phone bill payments.

Recent Activity Visible on PayPal App Home Screen

paypal new improved appWith the app, you can now flick through your recent transactions in a way that informs users much more visually and obviously than before.

This can be great for phone gamblers who want to hold themselves accountable regarding casino transactions. You can remind yourself of how much you’ve already spent at your chosen Paypal casino, and when you should stop.

This is unexpectedly a great tool to boost responsible gambling.

Using PayPal: Advantages Over Other E-wallets

There’s a reason why people still go to PayPal casinos over e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. And it’s not just because PayPal is a method that’s internationally used for a whole myriad of business transactions.

There are just some advantages you have with PayPal that other e-wallets can’t necessarily boast of. Let’s take a look at the two most prominent elements.

Eligibility for Welcome Bonuses

It’s got to be said – a lot of online casinos out there don’t allow Skrill and Neteller users to benefit from welcome bonuses. Make your first deposit with either of the two e-wallets, and you can kiss your welcome package goodbye.

PayPal users don’t have any such restrictions. In fact, along with being a fully compatible payment method, PayPal casinos also add quite a lot of flexibility and ease to players’ gambling experience.

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Safety and Security

The fact that users have to give all their banking details and personal details to open a PayPal account adds extra credibility. Which may explain why casinos will prefer PayPal users over Neteller users.

Indeed, casinos know that as per PayPal regulations, anything you can’t pay with your PayPal account can still be paid with the bank account that you’ve linked to it.

Users do have complete control over transactions, however, so you can choose to allow this or not. Plus, you only have to provide your PayPal email address when signing up to a casino, which keeps your personal data safe and sound.