Why Can I Only Deposit £30 A Day With Boku? – Explaining Mobile Deposit Limits

Updated  April, 2018

Even though the Boku deposit limit wasn’t lifted, nor was it changed, we recently updated this article with a few bits and pieces of new information. Before that, we never had any examples of using Boku, but you can actually use the service much more widely than just at a mobile casino. What’s more, we structured the information a bit differently, adding a few additional headings and separating the text into smaller portions to make it all so much easier to digest. We hope you’ll find this guide to Boku deposit limits more useful than ever before.

boku deposit limit

If you're considering Boku deposit method, you may have read many guides on the payment service and may be weighing up its pros and cons. Here at GoWin, we think that Boku mobile payment is a great way to fund your casino account, as it's quick, convenient and free. However, we do also accept that it has its limitations.

For many players, the biggest problem with Boku is the infamous Boku payment limit which imposes a strict daily depositing limit of £30 a day. Of course, for casual players this shouldn't really be an issue, but it can be highly annoying for high rollers. In addition, such an uncompromising deposit limit means that once you've reached it, you're unable to fund your account with that bit extra to keep playing for longer.

Although the Boku mobile payment limit may be infuriating at times, it exists to protect you on a daily basis and to keep the service operational. Today we're looking at how the limit does these things, and why it's not such a bad thing after all. Hopefully we'll convince you to use Boku mobile!

It Protects You

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One of the main reasons why Boku spend limit exists is to protect you from spending too much. Of course, we can argue that we're all adults here and therefore should be able to be in charge of our own money, but as Boku works by allowing you to pay later, it's crucial that they have some control, hence why the deposit limit exists. Of course, most casinos have a 30 day deposit limit while Boku is daily.

When you make a Boku deposit, you're essentially lending money from your phone operator. You never pay anything (unless you're a pay-as-you-go customer) until your phone bill comes in at the end of the month. This means that Boku deposits are actually a sort of loan, and if you can't afford to pay it back, it may become a huge problem.

When you take out a loan at the bank, they'll ask you about your salary, about your outgoings each month and perform a credit-check to make sure you're in a position where paying the loan back is realistic. For Boku to do this, each time you deposit, would really slow the payment method down. This is why they must impose a standard limit on everyone, not considering if you're good for the money.

The £30 day deposit limit ensures that the debt to your phone operator stays at a reasonably manageable amount, which most people should have no problems repaying. Whilst we all may think we're responsible spenders, the fact is that if there was no limit, a lot more people could get themselves into a sticky situation.

That's especially true when you consider that Boku money can be used for various other things as well as online casinos. When Boku pay by mobile not working becomes a reality, however, most mobile casinos will be on hand to assist.

It Allows The Service To Continue Operating

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Protecting you from spending too much is only half of the reason why Boku daily limit exists. They also need to protect themselves too. Boku works in partnership with mobile phone network providers, and so they need to assure these networks that they're running the service in a responsible manner.

As mentioned above, when you make a mobile deposit via Boku, you're lending money from your phone operator until the end of the month, when you'll pay it back as part of your phone bill.  It's therefore, just as important that the phone networks keep the levels of borrowed money manageable, as it is for you to keep it manageable.

What If Boku Had No Limit?

If there was no Boku daily limit, the instances of Boku pay by mobile not working would severely increase. That's because phone networks would be put in a position where they'd be lending an unlimited amount of money each month, having to trust that their customers were financially trustworthy. Even at the moment, with the £30 limit in place, each user can potentially lend up to £930 a month.

This isn't a small figure when you consider how many players there are using the service for everything from paying for postal services to Boku poker. Increasing this would be very risky for phone networks. Plus, if these networks saw that players were abusing the service, they'd almost certainly stop their customers from making deposits altogether. Boku pay by mobile always finds a way.

Will I Ever Be Able To Deposit More?

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In short, no. It seems highly unlikely that they will ever increase Boku limit due to the reasons mentioned above. However, the value of £30 may change with inflation, so the day Boku reevaluates this restriction might dawn sometime, but serious causes would be necessary to change the things as they are now.

The only possible way the Boku daily deposit limit might allow players to deposit more is by evaluating your financial situation and deciding whether you should be trusted with the money, just like a bank loan.

However, one of the biggest reasons many players choose Boku is because the service is quick and efficient. Introducing credit checks and creating individual limits for each player would only slow down the service. So, an increase Boku limit isn’t on the cards, sadly.

The Choice Is Yours

What would you prefer? Whether you wish to play Boku poker or simply have an easy way of making a casino payment, depositing method that may take several working days to accept your request, but allows you to deposit a couple of hundred pounds more. Alternatively, a depositing method that is instant yet allows you only to deposit a small amount each day?

We know that we'd always pick the latter, as in the Boku pay mobile deposit option, as being able to play your favourite games whenever you want to is part of the beauty of online casinos! See, that depositing limit isn't such a bad thing after all, is it?

And if you're looking for a pay by mobile casino not Boku isn't an option, so to speak. Or, rather, you won't find anything better than that because other pay by phone services can't offer even more than the Boku spend limit already does.

Search Boku casino 2018 today to find the operator you might gel with. Alternatively, you can search for pay by mobile not Boku for an operator that you could just as easily get on with. Regardless, the Boku deposit method is the way forward!

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