White Rabbit Mobile Slot Now Available To Play At GoWin

White Rabbit Slot LogoBig Time Gaming have released one of their most anticipated slots at GoWin, the one we've been looking forward to for quite some time. Venture down the rabbit hole with the White Rabbit mobile slot, which you can access right here in our gaming library.

Inspired heavily by Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, many classic characters have come to life in this fully rendered, fully optimised mobile slot that will keep you occupied for hours.

That sounds like an exaggeration but, trust us, when it comes to exaggeration, Lewis Carroll is a master and we think IGT has captured that down to a tee. It's weird, it's wonderful and it's super easy to play. Here's how you best to engage with it so you can make more of a win and what features you can expect to find in the White Rabbit mobile slot.

Main Features

big time gaming white rabbitTo start off, let's talk about the White Rabbit mobile slot's primary features. After opening up the game, you'll quickly notice that it is already quite an oddity as it possesses a 5×5 reel and colossally symbols depicting characters from the famous children's novel. This includes the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit himself.

Each character acts as a scatter or wild symbol for players to use, so they can activate the Free Spins round. Align three or more and you could be spinning for free! At least for a shot while before being put on the main reel again. There are 15 spins in total, but as long as you keep aligning the scatter symbols, you could get much more than that in a single session.

In addition to these, you got the Bonus Wild symbols that act as substitutes for all symbols. Randomly, the Caterpillar will appear on the screen as four bonus wild symbols, making it much more likely for you to win money. The game is of medium variance in difficulty and the RTP is 97.72%.

We'd say that's above average, so you're going to have more leeway when it comes to winning. All of the features seem geared towards helping out the player so, unlike Alice, they don't feel lost in Wonderland.

What We Think

Thumbs UpYou might have gotten the hint already, but we love this game! The 3D graphics may seem a little rough around the edges for some, but the animation is otherwise very smooth and makes for an effective realisation of Lewis Carroll's vision.

The sound design is, at best, a little generic, but if you turn the sound off them it doesn't become a problem. We like the innovative reel and the imagination that went behind the design of each character. It's most certainly not the Disney film and it's most certainly not like any other iteration we've come across.

The White Rabbit mobile slot could be criticised, though, for using a well-beloved children's book as its theme. Seeing as under 18s shouldn't be gambling, using images from that iconic book might be considered problematic.

However, we'd argue that the depictions are new enough not to be recognised by children and aren't overly cutesy or child-friendly for it to appeal too much to them if they stumble across it accidentally. Anyway, literary scholars for years have said the book is a metaphor for an LSD trip, so maybe it's not as child-friendly as we all might think.

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big time gaming logoYou can also find other great slots from Big Time Gaming like the White Rabbit mobile slot right here at GoWin. Brave the fiery wrath of fierce dragons from folklore as you try to grab some of their precious treasure in Dragon Born or become an adventurous astronaut in outer space as you navigate the stars in Starquest.

Each game is unique in its own right and the graphics, features and animation are all stellar. We may only have a few, but you can check them all out in our gaming library.

We have them all organised for you in the Big Time Gaming category and you'll also find White Rabbit there too. Make sure to have fun and remember – gamble responsibly!

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