Which Celebrity Gambler Are You? – Find Out Your Playing Style

mobile casinoTonnes of different celebrities love a visit to the casino, from rap stars to our own Queen Liz! We don't know whether it's simply to live out glamorous dreams now they have the money or for the love of the game, but for some reason fame and gambling seem to go hand in hand. So if you're a fan of slots, poker or card games, you'll be happy to know you're in good company.

In today's guide, you can find out which celebrity is your casino alter-ego. Maybe you love making spontaneous big bets, maybe you love working out the probabilities before even placing a wager, or maybe you just love the shiny symbols of a slot machine. Whatever you're playing style, there's a celebrity gambler to match you. Plus, you may just learn a thing or two about yourself too!



So, let's start off with the late legend himself – Lemmy. Besides being the frontman of Motörhead, Lemmy was also well known for being a slot fan. In a recent documentary, friends recalled how Lemmy would sit in a bar next to the one-armed bandit for hours and hours, compulsively pulling the lever. In fact, some people have claimed that the nickname Lemmy came about, because he was always asking ‘lemme borrow a dollar' to feed into the machine!

Lemmy is your casino alter-ego if you play slots as a procrastination technique, or simply because you just love playing! Lemmy-like players are not so concerned with the winning or losing of the game, so long as they can keep everything ticking over so they can carry on spinning. You're also probably a fan of bonus features and mini-games, for you the casino is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.


Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren MitchellVictoria Coren Mitchell started playing poker as a child, to double her pocket money and impress her older brother. Since then, however, she's become a highly-regarded professional player and was the first woman ever to win an event on the European Poker Tour. Coren Mitchell has also wrote poker guides for The Guardian and has published a memoir about her life as a poker player.

You may be a bit of a Victoria at the casino if you love a rational approach to games and love to play those in which you can adopt a clear strategy. If your casino alter ego is Coren Mitchell, then you're a smart player and you play because you love how the game works: the probabilities, the maths, the glamour. You don't really care for fancy new variants of games, you're an old-school player and that's fine!


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been an avid blackjack player for some time, however he made headlines when he was banned from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, back in 2014. He was kicked out for counting cards, something he has been very open about admitting to. Affleck claims all he wanted to do was learn how to play the game really well, and when he had, it was presented as though he was doing something illegal by the press.

Affleck may be your casino if you love committing to a certain game. Affleck only plays blackjack and he does so because he knew there was a way of improving his chances of winning. However, Affleck-esque players aren't confined to blackjack games; you could be a dedicated slots player, or a Roulette devotee. You don't generally look through casino rosters, you simply head straight for your game of choice, and we'll find you playing it repeatedly until you've cracked how to win big!


Dan Bilzerian

Dan BilzerianLast but not least we have Dan Bilzerian, the Instagram Playboy who shot to fame due to his luxurious and ludicrous lifestyle. Although Bilzerian is arguably one of the most famous Poker players around, with a total of 22.5 million Instagram followers, it's quite hard to say how successful he is. We know that Bilzerian cashed in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing in 180th place, however aside from this there's not many other records of his gambling skills.

Bilzerian is a high roller and so if you love betting big then chances are this is casino alter-ego for you. For Bilzerian-like players, gambling is all about adrenaline and the thrill of risking it all. You love how your heart races when you click the spin button, but you also love when the screen fills up with gold coins – indicating that you've won big. You love playing all the new slots too, the more innovative and well illustrated, the better.

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