What To Look For Before You Agree To Casino Bonus T&Cs

terms-and-conditionsPromotions and bonuses are some of the highlights of visiting online casinos. Online casinos go out of their way to give players incredible prizes to play for every single day that they log in. However, a casino promotion is just another risk that you’re taking with your money, so it’s always best to know what you’re actually getting yourself in to before you deposit any cash towards entering a promotion.

If you don’t bet smart, you might find out it was in fact too good to be true and because you didn’t read the terms and conditions, there’s nothing you can do to resolve any issues. So to help you make sense of the minefield that is casino bonuses and promotions, these are the additional details you should look out for in the casino T&Cs, whenever you sign up for any casino bonus.


Wagering Requirements

In a nutshell, wagering requirements are the number of times you have to match any casino bonus money, in order to turn it into real cash that you can withdraw. Think of it as a conversion rate between different currencies. For every penny of casino bonus money, you have to risk a multiplier of real world money in order to convert it into real cash. Like anything at the casino, you have to take a risk if you want to get something out of it and wagering requirements are simply the promotional version of that risk/reward balance.

bonus-wagering-requirementWagering requirements are certainly annoying for players, but they’re a necessary evil for casinos, which make it possible for them to offer large deposit matches, without bankrupting themselves. Like everything at the casino, you have to take a risk in order to come out with anything good.

However, wagering requirements still need to be balanced. The lower the money you’re playing for, the less you want to put at risk and so any bonus which is offering you a low deposit match, but placing high wagering requirements on the bonus isn’t worth your time. The simple rule is that the lower the deposit match, the lower the wagering requirements should be. If they seem too high for you, then they’re most likely a rip off. It’s pointless signing yourself up for a promotion to find out that you’ll never gain anything from it, so checking wagering requirements is a must for whenever you sign up to any promotion.


Max Casino Game Wins

maximum-winA nice aspect of wagering requirements is that you can still win cash while you’re freeing up your bonus money. Many players forget that when you’re fulfilling wagering requirements, you’re still betting your money as you would normally. In this way, you can still be winning cash at the casino, and since you can also be wagering your bonus money as part of the wagering requirement, you’re making money while you make money.

But it’s entirely possible that some casinos will put upper limits on what you can win on your bonus money. This is completely understandable, as casinos have to put a limit on how much they can afford to lose from a promotion. But as a customer, it’s important you’re aware of this. Many players will naively go into promotions believing they’ll win a lot more than they actually will. Going for broke with a casino bonus, only to find out you have reached your maximum winnings can be a disheartening revelation. That’s why it’s important to know what you actually stand to gain from a casino promotion, so you can actually work out how much it’s worth to you.


Time Limits

casino-bonus-time-limitAs with any promotion, there’s always a time limit for how long you have to fulfill any bonus requirements, before your bonuses get deleted from your account. You’ll always need to check for this time limit as every single promo will always have one, since if bonuses could last forever, everyone would fulfill their requirements eventually just through regular play.

The important thing to watch out for is that the window of time isn’t unrealistically narrow, in order to force your hand or make achieving the promotional goals absolutely impossible. Always check a casino gives you plenty of time to fulfill any of the bonus criteria and doesn’t strong arm you into failing its requirements.


Surprise Cancellations

These are the nastier surprises you can come across while completing your bonus’ requirements. As with all the terms of your casino promotion, the casino will have to write everything into their terms and conditions, or else they could be in a lot of trouble by regulatory boards such as the UKGC.

These surprise reasons for cancelling your bonuses are going to take a little extra digging, but thankfully casino T&Cs have come a long way in recent years, as regulations have made it so that all the important aspects of any bonus and promotional terms be listed in simple to understand language and in an easy to find format. Some of the most common additional reasons for a casino cancelling a promotion and its winnings may be:

  • If you decide to withdraw anything while there are bonuses active on the account
  • If you activate any further bonuses whilst another bonus is already active on the account
  • If you have a relative who works for the casino
  • It's up to the casino discretion to cancel casino bonuses at anytime

shocked-womanMost of this information is relatively standard practice and can be found out by having a quick read of any of the promotional terms and conditions. Clauses such as a casino being able to cancel promotions at anytime is an unfortunate reality of casino promotions, but it’s always important to make a note if the casino has come clean about this fact, since if they do cancel the promotion and haven’t made that clear, then you will have a case if anything goes wrong.

Of course, customer trust is a casino’s bread and butter, so it's unlikely any casinos will pull any major tricks when it comes to their promotions, or else their customers simply won’t be back for a second go.

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