What Does Your Favourite Slot Say About You?

GoWin Slots BrowserNearly ever slot player has a favourite slot game. It could be the one you start playing without even really thinking about it or the slot you save for when you're feeling super lucky. Maybe it was the first slot you ever played, or more likely, a slot that gave you your first decent win. Either way, we are creatures of habit, and so, our slot choices can say a lot about us.

Video slots are becoming more complex than ever before: animations are becoming movie-standard, there's hundreds of new bonus features and there doesn't seem to be a theme that can't be applied to a game. All this influences what you look for in a slot, whether you're aware of it or not and we bet we can guess what kind of person you are from your favourites.



The Timeless Starburst

Starburst LogoStarburst is a modern classic. The bright retro slot from NetEnt was released in 2012 and four years late it still continues to be one of the most popular games available. However, if Starburst is your favourite slot, then what does that say about you?

Starburst isn't over complicated, there's no fancy extras and that's what we'd expect from a day out with you too. If we were to date you, we'd expect a classic dinner date – you'd probably shudder at the idea of anything more ‘whacky'. That being said, like Starburst, you're probably stylish, if a little retro, and we also think you're Mr Popular.

You've got a good bunch of mates who you love socialising with, although you wouldn't be one to book a holiday to Magaluf. You prefer more low-key events that sparkle in their own way, and wouldn't ever dream of being too showy.


Candy Swap

Candy Swap logoNektan's Candy Swap is a bright and cheerful slot, perfect for those with a sweet tooth! It's simple design and great winning potential makes it a favourite of many and if you're one of them then here's what we think you're like.

We'll start with a simple deduction and this is the fact that if you like Candy Swap, you're probably more than fond of a gummy bear or two. You're always up for a laugh and you're full of compliments for your friends. You're the first one to shout ‘shots!' on a night out, AND you're also the first to take a selfie – or five. However, behind the sugary facade there's a more serious side to you. You're quite competitive and you do aim high in life, good for you!


Foxin' Wins Again

Foxin Wins Again Foxin' Wins Again is the sequel to Foxin' Wins, the hugely popular NextGen game. We'd argue that Foxin' Wins Again is actually better than it's older sibling, but if you love either title then you're passion for the boat-riding vulpine could say a lot about you.

First of all, like our mate Foxin, you do like the finer things in life. Be it cocktails, exotic holidays or designer clothes, you like to treat yourself. You're also hard to track down! You're schedule is jam-packed and you're always on the go. It's a surprise you even have a favourite slot, as you're kept pretty busy managing your work with your social life. You always get the balance right though and we're pretty sure you'll end up as our boss one day. You're super savvy, smart, and a little fierce – yet you show your softer side to the people who deserve it.


Troll's Tale

troll-tales266x235Another Nektan slot, Troll's Tale is a five reel, 20 payline game that can be configured to suit a wide range of players who are wanting to wager different size stakes. You can win up to £1,000 per spin – a sure way to gather a following.

Fans of a Troll's Tale are funny, down to earth and optimistic. You love looking on the bright side of life, and even though that wasn't a deliberate Monty Python reference, you're probably a fan of Michael Palin et al too. If you ever won the jackpot whilst playing, you'd be more than happy leave your job and whisk the family off for an adventure themed holiday. You don't take anything too seriously, and whilst this can be annoying at times, you're the one your friends rely on when they need cheering up. Overall, you're a big kid at heart – but you've also got a pretty big heart too!


Nrvna: The Nxt Xperience

Nrvna Slot LogoNrvna is a brand new slot, launched this July by NetEnt. It's unique design features 30 paylines, a bonus spin-the-wheel game and some impressive graphics. However, if this modern slot has taken your fancy then we think we've got you figured out already.

Nrvna fans are not just always on hunt for new trends, they set them! You're probably the most fashionable of your group of friends and you're the one people come to for music recommendations. You're Instagram is full of snaps from modern art galleries you've visited at the weekend and your dream destination is Copenhagen.

Besides being ahead of the crowd, you're also very thoughtful and quite sensitive. You love a good night in watching Netflix as much as you love seeing your favourite DJ, as having time to unwind is important to you. We don't blame you, being as cool as you looks exhausting!