Weekly Free Spins And Match Bonuses Through August 2017

GoWin LogoToday is the first Thursday of August, meaning it’s the first time you’re able to claim a special bonus that we here at GoWin are making available to players every Thursday through the month. The amazing promotion will see all players able to claim up to a staggering 40 free spins each and every Thursday, meaning by the end of the month, you could have enjoyed a total of 200 free spins!

That’s not all though. Moving past Thursday and into the weekends, all you lucky players will have the chance to enjoy a deposit bonus where you get to choose the match bonus you receive. Read on to get the lowdown on both these promos.


Thursday Bonus Spins

Thursday Free SpinsSo, let's first talk about those free spins you can claim on Thursdays this month. Well, if you make a deposit on any Thursday through this month, your first deposit of the day (over £10) will be rewarded with some free spins. The number of free spins you receive is tied to the amount you deposit.

If you deposit a value anywhere between £10 and £19.99, you’ll receive 15 free spins, which isn’t bad. However, if you can afford just one penny more and deposit £20 or over, you’ll receive an impressive 40 free spins, which is definitely going to be worth having.

The one drawback of the promotion is that you can only use your free spins on the one game Dead or Alive, but given that a new mobile version of the game has just been released, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your teeth into it. As mentioned in the intro, this promotion will be available to players every Thursday throughout August. Ggiven that there are five Thursdays this month means that you’ll have the chance to claim a total of 200 free spins. What better way to celebrate the approach of the weekend?


Weekend Deposit Boosts

Weekend Match Bonus So, you get past the Thursday bonuses and still want more? No, don’t worry, we don’t think you’re greedy, in fact we have just the thing to satisfy your needs. Available every one of the four weekends this month is another deposit bonus. Yet, instead of free spins, this time round you’ll be able to claim casino credit as reward for your deposits.

Just like with the Thursday free spins bonus, we’re putting the power in your hands to decide what level of bonus you want to receive. We think it’s only fair that the more you invest in playing at our casino, the more you should be rewarded, which is why the more you deposit, the higher your reward will be.

The breakdown of what you’ll receive with your first deposits between Fridays and Sundays this month goes like this:

  • Deposit £20 and receive a £10 fixed bonus
  • Deposit between £21 and £50 and receive a 75% match bonus
  • Deposit between £51 and £150 and receive a 100% match bonus

Remember, both these promotions reset each week, meaning you can collect them over and over and over and over…