Can Low Rollers Win Big? A Thing Or Two About Wager Size In Online Slots

wager size online slotsWe have all kinds of players here at GoWin. Some are high rollers, others are low rollers. High rollers look like the exciting kind of gamblers, while low rollers are often considered to be boring.

What’s the point in wagering 2p per spin? That’s like playing Tetris, not a video slot. You can’t win anything by betting next to nothing – that’s what the majority of gamblers believe, anyway.

Truth is, even a low roller like myself can win a fortune. It doesn’t matter what the wager size is when you hit a jackpot that multiplies your wager by thousands. Don’t believe me? Here are some recent examples of GoWin Casino players winning big by betting little.

Low Rollers Can Win Big Too

10 pence low roller online slotOne of those low rollers landed a really lucky spin on the Great Wild Elk slot not long ago. Betting the absolute minimum of 10p, the player managed to score a little over £102 in a single spin.

While this isn’t a major jackpot in terms of actual money (especially for high rollers), it’s a win that’s over 1,000x the original bet. Such wins are rare and I won’t deny that I’m envious. Nevertheless, it’s totally possible.

Another example is not as recent, but way more impressive. A player of Jack & The Beanstalk managed to turn a £20 deposit into a whopping £420 bankroll, all by making 20p worth spins, including one that yielded around 2,100x the original bet.

It’s true that high rollers might make such an amount of money by landing a win of 50x or so. However, they would also burn through that amount of money much quicker.

So, since people manage to win hundreds of pounds by betting just a couple of pence, maybe the size of your wager doesn’t matter that much? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

How Wager Size Works In Online Slots

wager size online slots starburstMost online slots let you choose how much you want to wager per spin. Usually, they allow you to select the size of the coins you want to use and how many coins you want to bet per line. This can affect the size of your total bet very much.

It can vary from 1p to £100, so the choice here will fit everyone’s playing style. A number of slots even let you select which paylines to bet on. This gives even greater freedom and introduces a whole new level of strategy.

Talking about strategy, it might look like there is none. The truth is that no matter what your bet size is, the chances of winning – or losing – remain the same.

What bet size actually alters is the amount you can win, but not the probability of winning. So, there is some strategy involved, but it’s mainly related to managing your bankroll rather than increasing your chances to win.

A Lesson In Slot Betting

online slot beginners luckSome people may tell you that bet size affects the algorithm of a slot game in some way, too. It’s easy to believe that when you base it on personal experience. In fact, I fell for the same misconception when I started out playing slots, too.

At first, I was only making the lowest bets possible. I never hit anything big, but I could keep my bankroll balance for quite a while. Later on, I started to make larger bets and won over £300 in a few days. I immediately decided that being a high roller pays.

This lasted for a week until I learned that it’s not always so, as I completely dried up my casino funds. It was just pure beginners luck that helped me win big at first. As already mentioned, you can only expect to win more by betting more just because the bet multiplies your winning amount. Not because it increases the probability. This brings me to the last point I wanted to make…

When To Make Small Bets And When To Step Up Your Game

challenge acceptedSmall wagers let you play for a longer period of time. You win less, but you lose less just the same number of times. Big wagers might reward you with hundreds of pounds if you’ve got the guts. However, you can easily lose all your money, too in just a matter of minutes. I think that finding the middle ground is the key here.

Even though I prefer small bets (you can win a lot with those too), sticking to them all the time might kill the excitement. We play slots because we like the risk and low wagering isn’t that risky. Making big wagers all the time is also bad because you won’t be able to enjoy the game for a long time.

Instead, you should change your wager size depending on the game you’re playing, your bankroll and your luck. If you manage to win, you can increase your bet size for a shot at an even greater win.

Or, if you want to play longer, you can return to the minimum bet after scoring a bigger win. If you’re close to spending your deposit you should naturally try to win by making smaller bets. If and once you manage to win back your money, you can take a few larger risks, too.

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