Gambling A Main Factor In Driving VR Into The Lives Of Consumers

It's odd to think that a somewhat taboo adult activity is one of the the forerunners of any huge technological advancement. And yet, gambling is always one of the forerunners of technological advancements. It's almost like it's the beta-tester, which has to try out this new toy first before everyone else.

This has happened with 3D videos, it happened with mobile phones and now it's happening with VR. Every single time, gambling alongside adult entertainment are there to be the hipsters of the industry: “Yeah, we liked it before it was cool.” But why do they always stay ahead of the game? Why are they always years ahead of everyone else? The short answer: it's because both industries make a lot of money. And we mean A LOT of money. The long answer… Well, you'll have to read on to find out.


A Booming Industry

microgaming vr rouletteThere's no question that mobile gambling has become more and more popular than ever before thanks to advancements that technology has made. Mobile devices have come a long way in the past ten years alone, being able to remotely access the internet no matter where on earth you happen to be (unless it's in Swindon, where there's no reception). This has naturally led to the gambling industry to become more mainstream because more and more people can access it.

Granted, both gambling and adult entertainment industries are pretty mainstream already, probably more than people would like to admit, but the point remains. And the reason why people have gone to more mobile devices for these things in the first place is because of a desire for privacy. Gone are the days where you have to hide behind the collar of your trench-coat as you secretly head into a betting shop. The internet eliminated the need to go to any those places years ago (though, naturally, people still do).

And mobile technology has added that extra level of privacy. People cannot see what you're doing if they happen to glance your way. So if you're gambling on your phone, they wouldn't know the difference unless they looked over your shoulder, which is why there has been an enormous increase in popularity. Although it would be rude is anyone were to look over your shoulder.


Future Investment

It's very difficult to predict if any new technology will take off. Hell, it's hard to predict if anything will take off. The market is always in a state of flux and what can be trendy one minute could be yesterday's news the next. So companies like Oculus and Sony have taken risks in developing hardware and software for VR because they know it'll be the next big thing. But how do they know it will be? Oh wait. It's because the gambling industry did it first.

See, because gambling and adult entertainment are seen as vices, nobody minds as much if it'll tank. In the case of VR, it has taken of, but the fact that the gambling industry is one of the first things to try it out means that it'll definitely work for more “mainstream” markets. Basically, when companies mean mainstream, they mean “can be sold to children.” Because, by golly, if it's good enough for adults than it can be good enough for kids.

So, companies like Sony and Oculus are taking risks but not as big a risk as any respectable online casino, who will be upfront to test this new piece of untested technology. This is because of the unpredictable nature of the market in the first place which means they could invest a lot of money in something which could fall flat on its face with little consequence to anyone else.


Leading Us Into The Future

crossroadsAccording to industry experts, there is definitely a call for a more immersive, less mobile experience which means the conditions are perfect for VR to flourish. We can hardly say that they're wrong.

Last year, millions of VR headsets were sold to consumers, meaning the risk that gambling industries took to experiment this tech has paid off big time. So remember that the next time you switch on your pair of Oculus Rift goggles – it wouldn't be around if gambling hadn't done it first.

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