GoWin Video: The 5 Weirdest Casino Promotional Giveaways

Casinos will try anything to catch their players' attention and often times it's by giving out the most rewarding promotions and bonuses that they can think of. However, in the aim to get noticed, some casinos have gone way overboard and offered their players rewards, which barely even relate to their casino gaming. From becoming an astronaut, all the way to a date, casinos have experimented with some very odd promotional giveaways in the bid to get players to join their casino.

In our latest top 5 video, we'll be taking a look at some of these strange casino rewards, that make us question what these casinos were thinking. If you want to see some promotions which aim to reward instead of shock, then why not head on over to GoWin Casino and see what we have to offer.


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InterCasino – Win A Trip To Space

intercasino win a trip to spaceInterCasino wanted to break away from the standard giveaways of free spins and picnic baskets and aim for the stars, literally. In 2010, InterCasino released a series of comedy ads which invited players to win a chance to go into space. The aim of the promotion was to collect stars by playing games on their site and work their way up the leader-board.

The contest ended in May 30th 2010, with player 666kgb666 reaching the top of the leader-board, with 242,926 stars and winning $50,000 from the accompanying prize pool. There’s still no word on when he’s going to space, so we’re guessing that, 7 years on, it’s probably not happening.


StarPartner Casino Group – Win A BMW Every Day

bmwWe’d like to apologise right off the bat that this promotion sounds much more exciting than it actually is. That was entirely the problem with the promotion and why it’s one of the most dishonest promotions ever hosted at a casino. The StarPartner group of casinos included Maple Casino, Golden Riviera and Crazy Vegas Online Casino.

Each of these casinos promoted that you could win a BMW every single day. The only twist was, they were talking about toy car BMWs. With a promo title that was very misleading and lots of news sites missing the small print, a lot of players were angered when they came to find out that they had been tricked after depositing their cash. No refunds of course.


Swank Poker – Earn Points And Get Sex

swank pokerWhile other casinos offer you cash in return for comp points, the short lived Swank Poker went one step further and offered sex and other adult services instead. The basic rundown of what was on offer included:

  • A year’s supply of condoms for 4,000 Swank Points
  • 1,000 Minutes of porn for 4,500 Swank Points
  • $300 adult store gift voucher for 15,000 Swank Points
  • One night at the Babylon sex club in Vienna, Austria for 75,000 Swank Points
  • One year VIP membership at the Green Door Sex Club in Las Vegas for 80,000 Swank Points


  • One hardcore scene with a Swank Girl that you direct for 100,000 Swank Points

Even with Swank’s large advertising campaign, which even managed to find its way into magazines, player numbers were extremely low and the site eventually had to close down. We still don’t know if anyone ever managed to cash in those points. But who knows, maybe Ladbrokes might adopt some of their services to flesh out their own player rewards scheme soon?


Reality TV Poker Tournament – Play For Mike Tyson’s Mansion

mike tysonIn 2004, English millionaire Dominic Marrocco bought Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas mansion home for $4 million. But Marrocco had no plans to live in it and instead devised a reality TV show where hundreds of players would play poker in a huge tournament until two remained. Those final two players would then head to the mansion, where they would play Tyson and Dom for the mansion.

Tyson was even kindly given the chance to win his house back. Of course, as with the Space promotion, there’s been no word on this tournament actually happening, nor any news of what’s happened with the mansion.We think this has been put back on the bad ideas pile where it should’ve stayed in the first place!


Bombshell Poker – Win A Date

bombshell pokerAlthough less hardcore in nature than Swank poker, there’s something a little depressing about winning a date. Bombshell poker’s big gimmick was that you could always play in live games with their own Bombshell models.

Players could email them privately to discuss what we assume were poker tactics, and if they were very lucky, players could even win a date with the models. Bombshells Poker didn’t last long enough to supply anyone with a date and is now just a mostly blank webpage.