Should You Be Using More Than One Mobile Depositing Method?

pay by phone depositOne of the biggest decisions an online casino player can make is how they're going to fund their accounts. It may not seem like it will at the time, but choosing a payment method can really impact your online casino experience, and therefore it's not something you should rush into.

Here at GoWin, we offer a wide range of banking options and we hope that everyone can bank in a way that's comfortable and convenient for them. However, once you've found a method that suits your needs, should you stick to it, or should you be using multiple methods at once?

For pay by phone users, switching banking methods is not unusual. Because pay by phone services such as Boku do not allow withdrawals, it's common for players to cash out via another service such as an e-wallet. On the other hand, if you're an e-wallet user, you may have never even considered switching it up from time to time. In today's guide, we're discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using more than one mobile depositing method. We hope it helps you decide if it's something that you should be trying out.


Why Would You Use Multiple Payment Methods?

gowin casino deposit methodsOne of the main reasons why players use multiple payment methods is because not every method is suitable for all occasions. As we mentioned earlier, for example, players who use methods such as Boku and Paysafecard must use a different method to withdraw. For many, this means creating another e-wallet account and using services such as Neteller or PayPal to cash out.

Furthermore, casinos impose different depositing and withdrawal limits for each payment method. This means that depending on how you want to play that day, you may want to consider funding your account via a new method. For instance, if you're feeling a little flush and want to experience life as a high roller, then depositing via Boku with it's £30 per day limit won't be exactly suitable.

Another reason players may consider using a range of depositing methods is if they're members of multiple casinos. Not all casinos accept the same banking options and so if you want to play more than one site, you may be forced into depositing in a different way than you normally do. Moreover, being a user of more than one banking service gives you a bigger choice of casinos to choose from.

Whilst we always hope that our players are well catered for at GoWin, we do understand that sometimes you may want to visit a new casino. And using more than one banking option gives you much more freedom when you do so. All in all, using multiple banking options allows you to get the best of the casino at every opportunity. It has the potential to save you time, money and stress and also allows you to make sure you're reaping every benefit you can.


What're The Disadvantages?

Login Details On Screen

Now you've learnt about all the advantages of using multiple methods, you may be wondering why anyone would ever stick with just one banking option. However, there are are some disadvantages to using a variety of different payment methods, which must be considered too.

For starters, using multiple methods means that you need to manage more than one payment account. This can become quite complicated, especially if you're using e-wallet services that require you to deposit into your e-wallet before depositing into your casino account. This means your money is spread out and so you may not able access all your funds when you need them.

Another disadvantage of having multiple payment accounts is having to remember multiple login details. Whilst we accept that this isn't the biggest problem ever, it can be quite annoying. Plus, having multiple accounts puts you at a bigger risk of internet fraud, as it gives hackers more places to target you. It's important to make sure that each login has a unique password, although this of course makes remembering each account's details more difficult.


Our Verdict

pay by phone casino picLike everything, using multiple mobile depositing methods has both it's perks and it's drawbacks. We'd suggest then, that you only adopt as many different methods as you need to. Whilst it's not worth creating new payment method accounts just for the sake of it, if you can pick up a benefit by doing so then why wouldn't you?

That being said, if you do want to start using multiple payment methods then using those which don't require a whole account is far easier. For example, to make a phone billing deposit you don't need to register to the service, so you avoid a lot of the disadvantages we've mentioned above.

Plus, as the money is subtracted from your monthly phone bill, it means that you don't need to manage money in a different account and that you don't need to pay a separate bill either.