Understanding The Terms And Conditions For Casino Bonuses

terms and conditionsEvery casino has a couple of terms and conditions which come with each of their bonuses and promotions. This is an absolutely standard addition to any giveaway, but players might still get a little lost when it comes to keeping them all in mind when they sign up for a new promotion.

So to help you along and enlarge some of the small print, we thought it'd be a good idea to give you a breakdown of every kind of additional condition which you'll run into when you opt into a casino bonus. These T&Cs apply to to GoWin and many other casinos, so hopefully it'll make your casino time a little simpler, regardless of where you're playing.


Wagering Requirements

bonus-wagering-requirementWagering requirements are found on nearly every single casino promotion and should be second nature to anyone who's spent any amount of time at the online casinos. Wagering requirements apply to any bonus cash which players have earned during promotions.

Bonus cash is considered separate to real cash that you can withdraw at any time. When you receive bonus cash, you have to convert it into real cash before you can take it out of the online casino wallet. A wagering requirement is an amount of money (bonus or real) which you must wager at the casino in order to covert bonus cash into real money.

At GoWin, the wagering requirement for all promotions is 30x, so for every £30 you wager at the casino, £1 of your bonus cash is converted into real money that you can take home with you.


Winning Cap

A winning cap is a maximum amount of cash which you can win from your bonuses. Whether it's from free spins or bonus cash, a winning cap effectively puts a maximum amount that you can win, if you are wagering on a game using bonus cash or free spins.

At GoWin, every bonus is restricted to a 4x winning cap, which means that whatever the value of the bonus is that you receive from a promotion, the maximum you can win is 4x that amount and then fulfill the wagering requirements on.


Limited Time To Fulfill Requirements

limited timeAll good things come to an end, and sadly, casino promotions have to follow exactly the same rules. For players, these time limits are annoying, but they are put in place for a very good reason. On the player's end, the idea of having to complete a promotion in a set time can make promotions far more enjoyable and prevent players having a huge backlog of promotions to take care of. On top of that, if promotions didn't have an ending period, then they wouldn't be able to be as rewarding as they are.

If everyone had a long time to complete promotions, they would pose a big risk of a huge loss for casinos. Because the time they're live is restricted, casinos can risk offering more cash to their players, since a lot of players won't achieve the goals they require in order to take home a lot of money.

Players who complete their promotions quickly might have to invest more time and effort, but it comes at the gain of much bigger promotional rewards. At GoWin, we offer players 28 days to complete any promos, which is a good few weeks to meet any wagering requirements and then enjoy your winnings at the end of the month.


Extra Spin And Bonus Cash Restrictions

25 free spins bonusNearly all promotions are restricted in some way to certain games. It's not exactly rocket science to work out that when you win free spins, that you won't be able to use them on a game like blackjack, which clearly features no kind of spin mechanic.

But promotions can be restricted in lots of little ways. For instance, your free spins might only be available on NetEnt slots, or possibly only a single new game, or maybe they won't be available on any progressive jackpot slots.

In the same vein, some bonus cash can't have withdrawal requirements met on certain games, or your wagering requirements might be reduced by playing on certain games. The promotions you play will also affect the games that you can use your new rewards on. Each promotion at GoWin lists all this information in the terms and conditions, so you simply need to double check there before wagering your cash or trying to use your free spins on any of our games.


One Bonus Active At A Time

keep calm one at a timeThis is a simple move to keep things simple for players and stop any leap frogging when it comes to completing bonuses. Players need to be aware that they can only have one bonus active at a time. Players can opt into as many bonuses as they want, but at any one time, they're going to have to select one promotion to be active from the promotions page of their casino.

If players can have multiple bonuses open at a time, then they can do a single thing, such as deposit cash at the casino, which could fulfill two promotional requirements and therefore net them double the rewards, for a single deposit. To keep things fair and clear, players should be aware that these kind of loopholes have been worked out already and there'll only ever be one bonus active at any time. All players have to do is make sure they have the right bonus going at the right time.


Bonus Money Removed At Withdrawal

This is possibly the most important condition which comes with all bonuses at GoWin. Once players withdraw, any bonus cash that is in their wallet will be deleted. It doesn't matter if you only have one bonus active, as soon as you withdraw money, any real money will go straight to you and any bonus money will be deleted.

The only thing that will stick around is free spins, which are saved to your account independently from your bonus cash. Whenever players are getting eager to withdraw, the best thing to do would be to check your promotions and make sure you've completed all the promotions you need to and converted all the bonus cash you can, before making that final withdrawal.

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