Understanding Odds When It Comes To Playing Video Slots

NetEnt Slot GamesWhen it comes to playing video slots, a lot of people become frustrated very quickly due to the fact that they don't totally understand how they work. The primary thing to remember is this: there is no secret formula to winning a slot, nor is there a strategy that will help you win more. The fact of the matter is – every video slot is governed by a random number generator.

There's no way you can predict the odds of how each spin of the reel is going to turn out. However, there are ways that can help you understand what you might get from your investment in any slot. Here's our guide on understanding the odds when playing video slots.


1. Understand What RTP Means

rtp-and-variance-slotsFirst and foremost, when understanding the odds of playing any video slots, you have to know what RTP means. Not only that but you have to understand why RTP exists and what it's used for. Basically, RTP is short for Return to Player and is usually presented in the form of a percentage.

Most game have at least 96% RTP, although they can be lower than that. The higher this percentage, the more you're likely to get in winnings from said video slot. However, this is projected after a certain amount of time is does not always predict how much you'll win or how often. It's merely an estimate and should not be taken one hundred percent literally.

On the other hand, it can assist you in working out how good your odds are and helps you determine whether any of these video slots are worth your time. If you've been using video slots so far without knowing what RTP means, then it's time to start doing that. After all, it might not directly influence how much you win but it can help you make better decisions.


2. Use Your Paylines Effectively

Double Your Honey PaylinesMany people, who play video slots do so without entirely understanding paylines. This is integral if you want to make the best use of them as the amount of paylines you select can have an enormous impact on your winnings. Not all video slots have variable paylines however, so it's best to keep that in mind while you're using them. Paylines are basically the number of lines on a slot reel on which winning combinations can fall.

The higher you raise your paylines, the higher the chances of you winning. However, be warned – you will sacrifice more cash in the process, so it's best to double-check how many you're using so that none of your coins go down the drain. If you want to raise your odds, raise your paylines. But do so at your own risk.


3. Be Conservative

Piggy Bank With UmbrellaFinally, when it comes to beating the odds, the best thing to be is conservative when it comes to dishing out your funds. This sounds like common sense but you'd be surprise how little common sense matters when you're in the middle of a winning streak playing your favourite video slots.

So, be wary on how much you're spending and try not to go overboard. Your odds of winning are lower if you spend less, yes. But your returns are much better in the long run.

If you're an average person who takes little interest in complex mathematics, it's going to be hard for you to understand the exact process of how betting odds with video slots goes. But it's important to know all of the above things so that you have a better understanding on what you can do to increase those odds. Who knows? You might get something out of this.

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