Guide To Zimpler: Casinos with Zimpler & Zimpler slot sites

Zimpler LogoOver recent years the number of depositing options at online casinos has increased significantly. Few of these methods get so much attention and get picked up so quickly by so many casinos as Zimpler.

In this post we’ll examine what Zimpler is and how to use it at mobile casinos.

What Is the Zimpler Payment Method?

In essence, Zimpler is just an e-wallet, but really it’s so much more than that.

Zimpler allows you to store any number of payment methods in a single, central, secure account, and then lets you access them as and when you want to use them.

It can store details and logins from bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and other e-wallets, and lets you pick and choose between them at whichever casino you are playing at.

How Do I Get a Zimpler Account?


The beauty of Zimpler is that all you need to become a registered Zimpler user is the phone number of the handset you’re using. All the payment methods you add will be stored on that number for seamless future use.

Once you've made your first payment through Zimpler, an account will automatically be created for you.

Here is the full Zimpler payment process for new users:

  1. Select Zimpler as your payment option
  2. Enter your mobile number when prompted
  3. An SMS will be sent to this number with a verification code
  4. Enter your preferred payment method and your deposit amount
  5. Complete the transaction by entering the verification code on screen

Once you are officially registered with Zimpler, all future Zimpler payments can be made by simply entering your number.

How Zimpler Casinos Work

Zimpler by name, simpler by nature. There’s a very good reason why so many online casinos offer Zimpler as a deposit option; it is incredibly convenient and super easy to use.

It even allows you to keep track of all your spending by keeping your entire payment history stored all in one place for you to review at any point you like.

Zimpler Casino Login There are three basic steps to completing a Zimpler payment at a mobile casino.

They go like this:

1. Go to Online Casino Deposit page

Head to the deposit page of your online casino. The deposit page can usually be accessed from the homepage.

2. Choose Zimpler Mobile Payment

Once you are in the casino deposit page, select Zimpler as your payment method.

Provided you’re an existing Zimpler user, you’ll just need to enter your phone number and unique pin code.

If you’re new to Zimpler, all you need to do is enter your phone number, and a new unique pin will be sent to you via SMS, as we described above.

Once you enter your Zimpler account, you’ll be able to see all your registered payment methods, and select whichever you want to use for this deposit.

If you’re a new user, or want to add a new payment method, you can do this quickly and easily all within this screen, and it will be stored for the next time you want to use it.

3. Confirm the Transaction

As an extra security measure, Zimpler will send an SMS to your mobile phone to confirm you want to make the payment.

Once you have confirmed the deposit, the money will transfer into your casino account, and a history of the transaction will be added to your Zimpler.

Benefits of Zimpler for Online Gambling

Thumbs UpSo why seek out Zimpler over other mobile deposit methods? Well, quite simply, Zimpler is the only deposit method you’re ever going to need, because it’s basically loads of different payment methods all rolled into one.

  • With one login you have access to a theoretically limitless number of payment methods, making it perfect for players who like to switch between payment methods, without having to add them afresh at the casino.
  • Moreover, it’s built to run perfectly on mobile phones and made specifically for use mobile casinos, meaning that you’ll never run into any annoying bugs.
  • You can manage your account, choose and add payment methods all from within the casino you’re using, without ever having to re-enter payment details, making it the most convenient way to deposit.

Zimpler just makes things simpler, and isn't that what we all want?

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