UKGC Opens the Floor for Talks with Players and Mobile Casinos

UK Gambling Commission LogoIn a new publication released on their website, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has stated that it wishes to strengthen its connection with players and the organizations that represent them. Exactly what this means and how they plan to do this is detailed in their  7-page ‘A Two Way Conversation‘ document – don't worry, it's nothing too strenuous!

This latest development shows the UKGC's willingness to cooperate more with players and how much they care about their experience. Among the things they wish to tackle are problem gambling, faster response times and stronger partnerships between casinos. But how does this affect GoWin? More importantly, how does it affect you, the player?


The Plan

PlansIn case you don't have time to read the document in full detail, the UKGC has a broad plan for reaching out to ‘consumers'. The three main points they wish to cover are:

  • Transparency and Clarity – With this ‘stage, the UKGC plan to make a consumer interest assessment so that they have a better understanding of their wants and needs. It also includes more accessible publications and an updated website so that players can have a better understanding of the UKGC's activities.
  • Responsiveness – In this stage, the UKGC plans to take more direct action when it comes to dealing with problematic online casinos. Many players complain to them when they encounter a problem with a casino and they believe a quicker response time will help players feel as though they are valued by the industry.
  • Forming Partnerships – This obviously speaks for itself. The UKGC want to form better partnerships with organisations and casinos that share similar aims. It is their firm believe that a ‘community liaison group' will help the gambling industry be generally more cooperative towards one another and help it grow stronger by putting the player first.

The UKGC also released a video where the Chief Executive, Sarah Harrison, outlined their aim of this new project. The details are a little vague but many of the questions anyone might have about it can be answered simply by reading the document.


A New Website

under construction clipartOne of the things mentioned in the video is the redevelopment of the UKGC's website. We must say this couldn't have come at a better time. The website, as it currently stands, is rather boring to look at. While it's a government site with not much need to stand out commercially speaking, the lack of any updates for some years now makes it look very outdated.

By renovating it, they are proving that they are serious about making changes to their aims and putting the consumer before anything else. It also shows a willingness to move on with the times which many government organisations need to do constantly in order to be in tune with public opinion and what their needs are.


GoWin Casino

gowin-casino-mobileSo how does this all affect us at GoWin? Well, for one thing, if you make a complaint we'll have to listen to you. We always listen to customer complaints anyway, but this latest rejuvenation of customer support on there UKGC's part means that more power lies in the lap of the players. And we couldn't be happier about it!

We share the UKGC's opinion that the consumer is everything and they have every right to be treated in the best way possible. We will double our efforts to make sure we live up to those standards and more. This could only mean more promotions coming your way and more excellent new games. All we can say for now is: watch this space.