Top Seven Famous Gamblers: From Royalty to Rap


Celebrity culture is alive and kicking in 2019. No matter how hard you try, resistance is futile. Snapchat, Instagram and reality TV all give us a peek inside the lives of the rich and famous.

Turns out they've a life just like us, with hobbies and interests of their own. You may love slots or poker, but did you know you're in good company?

From rappers to royalty, some of the biggest names love to gamble. Some do it for fun. Others are full-blown professionals. Then there are some who just gamble away their extra pocket money. Not that any of them need it.

Top 7 Famous Gamblers

Here are GoWin's top seven famous gamblers:

  1. Harry Styles
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. 50 Cent
  4. Victoria Coren Mitchell
  5. Lemmy Motorhead
  6. Ben Affleck
  7. Derren Brown

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Among the other gamblers on this list, Harry is probably the youngest. Yet despite his young age, Harry Styles has already been banned from not one, but two venues!

The One Direction band member has been caught on several occasions gambling at high-end venues and getting in trouble whilst doing it.

Back in 2013 in Perth, Australia, Harry was caught playing Roulette by the press. Not only was he gambling, he was making HUGE bets. Apparently, the management had to give him a “dressing down” for betting so much money away on a single number.

Another incident occurred in 2012 after he hit some gambling establishments during his All Night Tour. Let's hope he doesn't get into any more awkward situations.

Queen Elizabeth


It may come as little surprise to many of you. The thing is, our beloved monarch is a huge fan of horse-racing. In fact, she's such a huge fan that she apparently puts bets on certain horses.

Whether she wins or loses a lot is entirely up for speculation. However, it's a safe bet to say that the Queen has a big enough bankroll for that. Win or lose, it doesn't matter anyway.

This is proof, if any more is needed, that one doesn't need all the money in the world to enjoy a spot of gambling.

50 Cent


If you were a multi-million-dollar rap star, how else would you spend your time? 50 Cent is a prolific gambler and doesn't appear to be ashamed of that fact. And why should he be?

There's nothing wrong with gambling itself. It's only when you get into trouble when it can go pear-shaped.

Sadly, 50 Cent did get into a bit of trouble gambling on boxing matches. He got himself into some debt which he took an awful long time to pay off. Then again, even if you’re stinking rich, a million dollars might still make a dent in your finances.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

victoria mitchell

There aren’t many famous writers or presenters among those who happen to be leading poker players. Victoria Coren Mitchell is one of such people, though.

She is best known for:

  1. Writing for the Observer
  2. Being the first woman to win the European Poker Tour

In fact, she won it not just once but twice. These gambling successes brought her over £300,000. She also happens to be married to the comedian, David Mitchell.

On top of these accomplishments, she's also written a couple of novels to boot. Seriously, what an accomplished lady!

We can only hope she continues to smash the competition in future exploits. Hopefully, she will share some of her best poker tips in her memoir too.

Lemmy Motorhead


Lemmy Motorhead, a rock star, has gone down to history as someone who doesn’t care much about what other people think of him. Drugs, tattoos, piercings – its little surprise that this guy was a high profile gambler as well.

After all, one of his most famous songs is called “Ace of Spades”! And he is one of those gamblers that really didn't make a fuss about anything.

Apparently, the musician liked nothing better than to spend his evenings playing at slot machines whenever he could. According to one source, he used to frequent one London casino. There, he would sit in front of a slot game and play until it was time to leave.

Nobody knew how much he lost or won. Yet, it’s obvious that it was one of his favourite past-times.

Ben Affleck


Before he was Batman, Ben Affleck has been known to gamble quite a bit. Like Harry styles, he was also among the people who often got in trouble over it.

He used to spend days playing in Las Vegas playing blackjack. He’s a huge blackjack-lover and very skilled at how he plays his cards.

That hasn't stopped from being asked to leave two gambling houses, though. That’s what you get when you’re caught counting cards at your table.

While this isn't illegal, it does offer the counter an opportunity to rig the game. Although we're sure that wasn't Affleck's intention, he is not exempt from punishment.

But this isn't the only thing! He's also been accused, along with other Hollywood A-listers, of being part of illegal gambling rings. Now, that we do not condone at all.

This was supposedly alongside other stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire. Better associate yourself with other gamblers, Mr Affleck.

Derren Brown


Derren Brown is a magician and illusionist. He’s known for performing great feats before the eyes of the public. He's also known, to a lesser extent, for being a bit of a gambler.

Him being a magician would make any gambling establishment a little uncomfortable but he didn't let that stop him. According to one source, he'd walk quietly but confidently into a gambling hall, ready to play. If he got recognised, though, he’d be told he can “only watch his friends play.”

In fact, he's been banned from several casinos up and down the UK just because of his reputation. But then, maybe you shouldn't make a program titled: “How to Beat a Casino”? Just a suggestion if you want to be able to walk into one again.

Out of all the gamblers on this list, we'd have to say Derren's the one who drew the short straw.