Top 5 Lifehack Blogs: From Zero to Hero

2015 is in full force, and with the summer months cooling down and coming to an end, we reflect on how the years gone so far, and try to make some conclusions and plans on what we’ve done right or wrong and what we should do to make 2015 the best and most rewarding year ever.

As we all know, if you want to change your life – start with changing yourself. How often do we need motivation or inspiration to do anything, to take our chance, to be brave enough, to make a right choice, etc.? How often do we need advice or life hacks on doing anything? Fortunately, there are many online resources that are able to help us solve this problem.

Which ones are the best blogs and websites to subscribe to and read? Which ones will provide high-quality information that is both interesting and useful? Which life hacks are worth checking and following?

Please, check these top five life hacks blogs that have big chances to inspire and motivate you in 2015.

1) Life Hack

Lifehack is your source for tips to help improve all aspects of your life. We are widely recognized as one of the premier productivity and lifestyle blogs on the web. This site is dedicated to lifehacks, which is a phrase that describes any advice, resource, tip or trick that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively.

This blog has been endorsed by many major newspapers, magazines and online publications, and is frequently updated with articles by a team of contributors that just want to make your life as friction-free as possible.

2) Life Optimizer

Life Optimizer is about maximizing your personal effectiveness. It's believed that many people (me included) live below their maximum potential. While they do achieve things in life, there are still many more that they can achieve. The problem is that they don’t optimize their lives. There are aspects of their lives that can be made better and more effective than they are now. This blog provides the reader with a level of self exploration and development.

3) The Change Blog

Many people feel trapped in the life they are leading, unable to change course. They feel frustrated, lonely, stressed, discouraged, unfulfilled or simply just bored.

While The Change Blog initially focused on Peter Clemens story, He soon realized there are so many people with their own stories of personal change and the blog wasn't just about him; it should be about people. That’s why The Change Blog has evolved into a community blog which publishes stories from people of all ages and backgrounds from across the globe.

Since 2007 The Change Blog has published more than 800 stories on topics related to personal change. You can find the latest stories on the Blog Page.

4) Marc and Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel Chernoff are professional coaches, full-time students of life, admirers of the human spirit, and have been recognized by Forbes as having “one of the most popular personal development blogs.”  Through their blog, book, course and coaching, they’ve spent the past decade writing about and teaching proven strategies for finding lasting happiness, success, love and peace.

The goal of this blog is to give you the tools to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that keep people  stuck.  Currently the site contains over 700 articles on happiness, productivity, emotional intelligence, relationships, and general self-improvement, and has attracted over 100 million page views and 100 thousand subscribers since its inception in 2006.

5) Lifehacker

The last but not the least one in our list is Lifehacker (do not confuse it with Lifehack). This is a blog that provides practical tricks, tips and downloads to help you get all your things done; here you will find hundreds of useful and interesting articles – including this one – that will share life hacks on such aspects as communication, saving money, technology, jobs, productivity and many others.