Top 5 Last Minute Gifts To Give To Passionate Gamblers

Christmas Presents Under TreeChristmas season is well and truly upon us, but are you prepared? You’ve smashed getting gifts for your parents, your nieces and your long-enduring partner, but wait! What about that all-important friend that loves to gamble? Instead of doing a Christmas Eve dash round Sainsbury’s and ending up with a feeble box of Milk Tray, why not read through our suggestions? We’re confident we’ve found some extra special buys for any casino enthusiast – trust GoWin casino with your late Christmas shopping!


Casino Themed Books

Books can sometimes seem like a boring present,  but the gambler in your life will be over the moon if you purchase a book you know they’ll get some use out of! There’s a huge selection of books about gambling out there, from poker strategy books to autobiographies from some of the world’s most successful players.

You could show them the psychology behind playing their favourite games, the maths and science, or even just a fiction book that centres around a gambling protagonist.

What makes this an even better present is that if you’ve left it a little late, tons of titles can be delivered next day by Amazon, so you needn’t worry about battling the Christmas Eve crowds trying to get to Waterstones!


Customized Playing Cards

Customised Playing Cards CasinoPlaying cards are a very dull gift to give to anyone, no matter how much they love to play table games. However, add your faces on to them and they suddenly become much more exciting.

Many UK websites offer the service of printing customized professional playing cards, and they’re sure to become your friend’s favourite deck. The great thing about this gift is that it’s totally up to you as to what goes on the cards!

Be it photos of you and your mate having a good time, their newborn baby, family snaps or pictures of their favourite holiday destination – if you can think it up, there’s a good chance someone out there can print it for you.


A Mobile Power Bank

Is there anything more infuriating to mobile gamers than noticing they’re running on 3% battery while right in the middle of a big win streak? Show your friends you understand their pain by purchasing them a mobile phone battery power bank this Christmas.

Power banks for mobile phones have fell considerably in price in recent years and in size too. You can now purchase a handy pocket size battery pack for less than £20, and they’re available in all sorts of colours and styles to suit whoever you’re buying for. It’s a practical present, but one they’ll thank you for next time their phone’s about to cut out on the commute home.


A Real Slot Machine

Mobile Phone SlotsLooking to impress a gambling friend this Christmas? Then look no further! A real slot machine is perhaps one of the best presents you could buy an online casino fan. Vintage one arm bandit machines are the most aesthetically pleasing of the lot and your friend will be thrilled at owning a piece of casino history.

Depending on how last minute you’re reading this guide, exploring antique shops and vintage stores could lead you to the machine of your (I mean, their…) dreams. Alternatively, search for machines on eBay or purchase retro-looking replicas if you’re looking for something a little less expensive.


A Trip To Las Vegas

We’re really pushing the boat out with this one, but if the gambler in your life is extra special, then why not treat them with a trip to the motherland? Flights are a perfect last minute buy as you don’t even need to leave the house or, better yet, why not make a personal voucher and then scan for plane tickets in the January sales?

If Vegas is out of your price range (yep, we feel you), then an expenses paid trip to your local land based casino may do the job too. Tell your friend to put on their best black-tie appropriate outfit and live it up – Vegas is a state of mind!