Top 3 Online Casino Scams And How To Avoid Them

Scam Warning Signs

We want to show you a good time and create an environment in which you can win some cash, but our first concern here at GoWin is for the safety of you and your money.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos are as careful and scrupulous as us, meaning that online gambling players are often led astray and fall victim to scams which see them out of pocket through no fault of their own. You should always read terms and conditions carefully, but what happens when you've been as cautious as possible and yet you're still feeling cheated?

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common online casino frauds and how players can avoid them.


Top 3 Casino Scams

1. Unfair / Fixed Online Casino Games

The biggest casino scam players at mobile and online casinos run into on a regular basis (often without realising it) are real money games which are fixed unfairly in favour of the house.

Now if you know anything about online gambling or mobile slots, you’ll know that most will tell you their return to players rate (RTP) which is usually between 95% and 98% – this is the percentage of their original bankroll players can expect to have left after playing an infinite number of spins. Obviously, then, there is a slight preference toward the house, but this is normal, as it’s how online casinos stay in business and are able to offer huge jackpots.

The issue arises, however, when there is a super low RTP and/or the RTP advertised is higher than the actual rate. Making it so players are getting a little less than they’d expect each spin is a really nasty and insidious way many corrupt casinos make a quick buck, and you need to make sure you don’t fall victim.

How to Avoid Unfair / Fixed Games

It sounds awful to say it, but avoiding the little guys and sticking to the big name branded games can often leave you much safer. All the big and well-known developers have their games audited by impartial bodies to ensure the random number generators which run the games are… well… random. They also check that all the functions and volatilities are as advertised. Without these audits, games developers wouldn’t get a license to operate.

The problems arise when smaller, sometimes unlicensed developers release games with less oversight and fix the random number generator to make it less random. Always check to see how the slots you are playing are audited, and if you can’t find any info on it, it’s best to avoid those games.

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2. Stolen Personal Information / Bank Details

Playing at a dodgy online casino may sometimes be fine at the time, only for you to discover days, weeks or months later that someone has been syphoning off real money from your bank account. The fact is that when it comes to giving third parties your personal information, especially bank details, you never know what they’re going to do with them. In the hands of either online casinos owned by criminals, or simply those which don’t safeguard your data appropriately, there’s a chance you’ll fall victim to theft.

How to Avoid Stolen Personal Information / Bank Details

Firstly, as should probably be an answer to all these issues, try and play only at reputable and licensed and regulated casinos; not only are these more trustworthy, but part of their being eligible for a license is proving they have enough protection in place for your data.

Moreover, if you’re really worried about your money, you should look for online casinos which offer alternative depositing options from bank transfers and credit and debit card payments. For instance, some sites accept Skrill, Neteller, Boku and now Zimpler payments, all of which allow you to deposit at the online casino without having to provide us with any information which would allow us to take your money without you authorising payment.

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3. Unpaid Online Casino Winnings

You’ve deposited at a casino, enjoyed playing a decent game or two, and you’ve won a little money, and you want to withdraw your winnings to treat yourself. Disaster strikes though when your withdrawal request goes unanswered for days, weeks and even months. Customer Care either doesn’t answer or is totally unhelpful, and you’re left with the feeling you’re never going to see your money again.

The nightmare of the unpaid winnings is the all too common experience of online casino players, and it can be the most frustrating casino scam to fall victim to.

How to Avoid Unpaid Winnings

This is a difficult one, as there’s a number of reasons a site might not pay up. As always, look for the licenses, especially making sure the UKGC has approved the casino. You should also read the terms and conditions carefully, especially the part about withdrawal times and requirements.

On top of that, do a bit of research before playing to make sure no one has already logged a complaint about the casino’s failure to pay up. There’s plenty of dedicated sites online designed for you to check this, try Googling the name of the online casino plus the word “scam” and see what comes up.

Also, it’s worth checking how new the games available are, if the promotions have been updated recently, and if there’s a blog when the last entry was. It’s not uncommon for operators to simply let a site fall between the cracks but leave it online – i.e. the lights are on but no ones at home. It’ll still let you deposit, but there’s no one who’s going to process your withdrawal.