The Best Low Variance Slots To Play At GoWin Casino

gowin casino weekly promotionsGoWin knows that some players want slots that offer a lower stakes game, with the potential to still win back sizable cash. Low Variance slots are incredibly popular because they allow players to play for really cheap initial wagers, while getting back smaller and more frequent wins. Low variance slots are perfect for those on a bankroll because their quick payout nature means players don't have to keep pouring in money to get through a long, slow burning process of no wins. Low variance slots gives players the chance to play for quick bursts, with very small wagers and then leave whenever they need without risking losing out on any invested wins that they'll never see.

GoWin has a healthy range of Nektan slots, which are among the best low variance slots out there. You can play them from as low as a penny, they all have an RTP of over 96% and they're all low variance so you can enjoy short games on them. Below are the best Nektan made low variance penny slots that GoWin has to offer.


ShamRock ‘n' Roll

shamrock-n-roll-slot-logoEvery single slot developer has to make an Irish slot at some point, and Nektan have at least tried to inject some personality into their Irish title with Shamrock ‘n' Roll. As with most Nektan slots, the theme is perfectly tied together, with the music, visuals and sound effects all feeling like a genuine Irish themed slot.

Shamrock ‘n' Roll comes with a 96.3% RTP and 25 paylines. All of its paylines are completely adjustable, so you can choose how many paylines you want to bet across. You can select a minimum bet of just a penny per payline, so Shamrock ‘n' Roll is among the cheapest slots to play per spin at GoWin. It's also got one of the higher numbers of payline available if you want to increase your wager beyond that. Spin 3 scatter symbols and you can also unlock a bonus free spins round, which will take your money even further due to its low variance wins.


Plucky Pirates

plucky-pirates-slot-logoPlucky Pirates comes with 9 paylines and a 96.34% RTP. While the number of paylines might be lower, it doesn't make Plucky Pirates any less of a joy to play. Plucky Pirates has been designed to be low variance, so the fewer number of paylines means that there's more of the same symbols thrown onto the reels, in order to make sure you get frequent and fast payouts.

Plucky Pirates is also a great looking slot, capturing its theme of pirates perfectly, with its excellent visuals and sound design. The best part is that you can adjust the number of paylines you want to wager on, making Plucky Pirates playable from as little as a penny a spin. On top of all that, you also get an excellent free spins bonus feature, which will also be subject to those low variance wins, so you'll always end every free spins round with a little something extra in your casino wallet.


Best Of British (Deluxe & Standard)


Best of British has had a makeover lately, offering both the original version and the refined deluxe edition. Best of British Deluxe offers HD visuals, improved sound and tweaks to its free spins round. Players are able to play either of the 2 versions depending on what their phone's specs are, so anyone can enjoy a version of Best of British which is optimised for their mobile phone.

Best of British is a 40 payline slot, that has a 96.22% RTP. Like all the other Nektan slots, it also comes with only a single free spins bonus round, however, deluxe players are able to retrigger the bonus round numerous times. Every single time you trigger the free spins bonus on Best of British, you receive 15 free spins.

Players can retrigger the free spins feature to play up to 180 free spins in a single bonus round. Best of British gives players a penny slot, which looks fantastic in HD and gives players the chance to win big money if they manage to stack their free spins together, making it one of the most profitable low variance slots out there.


Gunslinger's Gold


Gunslinger's Gold is one of the oldest Nektan slots in this selection and yet it holds itself up among the newer entries due to its refined features, timeless graphics and sound effects. Gunslinger's Gold offers the higher RTP out of the other Nektan games, with a 96.6% RTP and 15 paylines. As always, players can adjust the number of paylines they want to bet with and can wager from as little as a penny a spin. There's also a free spins bonus round thrown in for good measure if you manage to land 3 scatter symbols.

Like the rest of the Nektan range, Gunslinger's Gold is perfectly optimised to be played on desktop or mobile devices, so however you're playing it, you're in for a smooth gaming experience, that plays as well as when it was first released all those years ago.

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