Are Video Table Games Making a Comeback? Microgaming Think So

If you're an avid online casino fan, chances are that in the past few years you've noticed the onslaught of top quality slots around. Software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have been pushing boundaries, creating innovative new titles with various bonus features and high-quality graphics.

Similarly, you may have noticed that live casino games have evolved and VR titles are even coming to our screens. But what about the humble, video table game?

For a long time, these games have been casino staples yet they've gone relatively unloved. Software developers have focused their efforts on creating more exciting games, which sucks if you're a table game fan.

That could all be set to change, however. It seems that the much-loved yet neglected video table game is making a comeback.

Last week, Microgaming released their brand new video version of Roulette, with more table game titles to come shortly. Could this see us fall back in love with table games? Read on to learn more about the new title and why table games could be enjoying a revival.

Microgaming's New Roulette Game

Microgamig and Switch Studios Video Roulette Logo

Microgaming's new Roulette title has been developed exclusively for the brand by Switch Studios. Switch Studios debuted their creation at SiGMA 2018, where the game was very well received, pulling in record-breaking numbers to Microgaming's stand.

Both brands, Microgaming and Switch Studios, are very excited by this new release. In a press release, Tom David, the Head of Studio at Switch Studios said:

‘We are very proud to unveil our first official game release under the Switch Studios brand, exclusive to Microgaming. Our aim is to deliver the best selection of classic table games that players enjoy and Roulette is set to pave the way for a new series of table games to come. The game contains advanced features in a modern setting and holds appeal to a growing market of casino players.' 

If all goes well, the brand is set to release their version of Blackjack in the coming months too.

Key Game Features

The new game comes with stunning graphics, superior sound and special betting features. It's also completely mobile compatible, so you can play it on both iOS and Android smartphones. Here are just some of the benefits of the new game:

  • Realistic 3D roulette wheel with true-to-life ball behaviours
  • A pared back, sleek modern design
  • Lifelike sound effects
  • Ability to see your spin result history and other betting information
  • ‘Racetrack' feature which allows you to see unique betting options
  • ‘Favourites' feature which allows you to save your preferred bets
  • Ability to place pre-selected bets
  • Play in both landscape and portrait mode on mobile devices, and switch between orientations

You can watch the video below to see the game in action, or simply give it a try at all good Microgaming casinos now:


Will This Release Usher in a Table Game Revival?

Table games are some of the most well-loved games at online casinos, yet it's no secret that they're often not the prettiest games around. Many video table games titles look dated and often aren't completely mobile compatible. This can lead to lagging and graphics which don't look great on mobile devices.

That being said, Microgaming's new Roulette game looks far superior to many of the other titles around. It boasts the same high-quality design as mobile slots and manages to deliver a realistic experience similar to live casino games.

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As such, this could give the game a huge appeal, as many players dislike how long live casino games take to play yet enjoy the realistic feeling they give.

Players at Blackjack Table

The Benefits of Video Table Games

If this game is successful, it will not only pave the way for a complete series of games from Microgaming and Switch Studios, but it may also re-convince players of the many benefits of playing video table games. If you need convincing, however, why not take a look at the list of advantages below:

Lower Limits

Video table games often have slightly lower limits than live casino versions of the same game, and significantly lower limits than visiting a brick and mortar casino.

Quick to Play

Video table games are quick to play, as the automated software allows bets to be cleared and replaced in no time at all. This makes them perfect for those players who can't afford to be sat around playing against with real, slower, dealer. Moreover, with a video table game, you never have to wait around for a place at a table either.

More Variations

Video table games often offer far more game variations than their live casino counterparts. Take, for instance, Blackjack. At many online casinos, there are numerous video blackjack variants which include different side-bets and special features. You won't find these in live dealer rooms or physical casino venues.

No Mistakes or Confusion

Although professional croupiers are trained to a very high standard, there is always a chance of human error. With video table games, however, this chance is removed as the computer does all the dealing and calculating.

A video table game always makes the correct payouts and declares a hand correctly. Moreover, roulette players may find video table games advantageous as there's no confusion as to who's chips are placed where or overly-crowded tables.

Familiar, Strategy Based Games

One of the biggest benefits of playing video table games over video slots is that you're probably already very familiar with the game. Online table games offer you the chance to play classic card games you know and love, from the comfort of your own home. What's more, table games such as Blackjack can be played with a strategy – which gives them much better odds than slot titles.

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