Are You Spending Too Much While Playing Video Slots?

frustrationWe honestly believe it's no exaggeration that mobile players spend most of their gambling time on video slots. It's the most easily accessible thing when you log onto a mobile casino. There are so many types of them, too!

You can play a regular slot where you bet money on the single spin or play with higher stakes on a progressive jackpot. Basically, video slots are the most ubiquitous and identifiable form of gambling on the web. So many companies are producing them that it's miraculous how none of them have run out of ideas.

Because of this highly saturated market, this is why most players tend to play slots. It is the most logical place to begin with your mobile gambling journey. Many new players, however, may become frustrated as every slot they play for some reason eats up all their money. Isn't it supposed to be a randomly generated set of numbers? How can they have lost so much after fifty spins?

Well, this may be due to the fact that said players aren't entirely certain on how slots actually work and their outgoings suffer for it. Today, we're giving you the top three major things to consider whilst playing a video slot to maximise wins and reduce unnecessary spending.

Adjust Bet Amount/Paylines

Book of Ra Fixed PaylinesIt is perfectly natural for many keen new players to dive straight into a slot without thinking about all the facets that go into making an effective spin. The two major ones that are often overlooked by rookies is the amount they are betting as well as the adjustable paylines.

Almost every slot has both of these and in making some simple adjustments, you could reduce the amount you spend on video slots by a large amount. How should you adjust your paylines and the amount you bet? In a literal sense, there are sliders on either side of the spin button that allow you to do this. In a more figurative sense, it depends on what your strategy is.

If you do not mind paying out larger amounts in hopes for a bigger return then adjusting the video slots' paylines to minimum and increasing the amount of coins that you want to bet will be the better option for you. However, the purpose of this guide is to help you save money so doing the exact opposite of this will be preferable.

The wins may not be as large (as you are drastically increasing the odds), but the wins will be much more frequent and you will get much more satisfaction as well as cash out of it. Some may argue that this will only increase your spending as you're continually spinning to get more wins to make up for such small gains. We'd counter that with the next two things you must bear in mind before spending too much on any of your favourite video slots.


Set Yourself A Budget

stretching-your-budgetObvious, right? Setting yourself a gambling budget is the fastest way to help you to not only stop yourself from overspending but from spiraling into addiction. Budgets only work, however, when players agree to stick to them. All too often, players can ignore the boundaries that they've set for themselves or just outright don't set themselves a budget at all.

If you can afford it, then play as many video slots as you like without using a budget! For many of us, on the other hand, we need restrictions in place to prevent us from spending outside our means. We've already talked about setting up a gambling budget but we must reiterate how much of a difference it could make to your funds.

Again, though, this does depend on the player and takes a certain amount of discipline to stick to. Going over it once or twice isn't a bad thing but if you're playing video slots and find yourself constantly going over budget every time then you might want to seek more restrictive measures.

As a rule of thumb, we'd recommend not going for more than a pound per spin. Many players don't exceed this anyway so this may sound obvious. In any case, many video slots offer limits on how much you can bet on their own. It's best to go as low as possible, however, so don't go all the way up to the video slots' limits just because you can.


Check The RTP

rtp-and-variance-slotsFinally, one of the reasons you might not be getting as much money as you hoped is because the RTP percentage is too low. RTP stands for Return To Player and is a rough estimate of how much of your betting wagers you'll get back over a period of time. This number isn't always accurate but is a good guide in knowing how much you'll get for your money, so to speak.

Most RTPs for modern day video slots sit around 96-97%. The remaining percentage is how much the casino tends to get from each of your wagers. Again, not the most accurate statistic but it serves well enough as a rough guide.

So, if you find the video slots you play has a low RTP, finding another with a higher one will definitely decrease your overall output. It's not guaranteed but it may certainly help. If you employ all three of these methods, you may even see a drastic decrease in your spending and an overall increase on your winnings. Why not try it out on some of the video slots we have here at GoWin casino?

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