Is It OK To Spend Hours Gambling Online Every Day?

spend hours gambling online every dayIf we asked our players how much time they spent gambling per week, we know for a fact that we would get very diverse answers. There are so many people gambling nowadays, that the variety is stunning. Some people spend 30 hours at online casinos every week. Others take a year to reach the same playing time. What’s the optimal gambling time, though? Can you win more by adjusting your behaviour and how many hours of gambling per day are too much?

This is something that people rarely talk about. Unlike gambling in the old days, online casino players have a much more convenient access to the betting games. We’re also more likely to keep gambling-related topics to ourselves than before. Granted, this isn’t universal, but most of us play at home, so our friends don’t really know about our habits. And we usually don’t mind it being that way. Therefore, the information you’re about to receive is fairly difficult to get otherwise.


The Gambling Session Length And How It Influences Winning

winningWhen it comes to the playing time and the outcomes of your bets, the two have no direct correlation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing slots or other casino games. Unless they’re live, the software runs on random number generator, which assures random outcomes. The way it works doesn’t change, regardless of your session time. It isn’t like hot and cold slot machines, which ran on a completely different software.

However, this doesn’t mean that your play time has no effect at all. The human factor comes into play here, that is, your own actions affect the gambling results. And we do base our actions on an almost infinite amount of circumstances. Simply put, the longer our playing session, the less likely we are to win at that time. We get tired or even frustrated at our bad luck, which may cause reckless decisions.

Well, unless you’re having a jolly good time. After all, slots and other RNG casino games are random, so everything comes down to luck. In the end, you may use the best strategies and carefully assess your bankroll, but still end up worse off. However, as long as you’re having a good time and not worrying too much, your chances are as decent as anyone’s.


How Much Time Is Healthy?

healthy time gambling onlineLike with all video games, gambling at online casinos can take a lot of time. This is especially true for slots, which are generally designed to sustain players for a long time. They allow low bets and have returns of 93 to 99 per cent. You could essentially play for hours and not lose anything substantial, even when on the losing end.

Another thing that can easily increase your gambling session length is the fact that you’re playing at home. At least this is where nine out of 10 people gamble online if the official statistics are to be trusted. By being so easy to access at any time, it’s no wonder that online casinos are stealing the spotlight. They’re also good at stealing our time.

Now, we don’t say that everyone spends too much time gambling. However, with such access and not exactly social environment, spending too much time there can be damaging. So, like with other video games, one shouldn’t spend all the leisure time gambling.

Two hours should be more than enough time to spend on gambling each day. Especially if you’re playing every day. Furthermore, taking a few days off regularly can improve your winning rate and general well-being. If you find it hard to cut the time of gambling online, are you sure you’re in full control?


Spending Too Much Time Gambling Online? Consider Self-Limitation

Time for a BreakLicensed casinos offer various self-limitation options, including bet size, deposit and spending limits. One of these options is also a limit on your session time or overall gambling time. If you don’t want to restrict yourself, casinos have session timers too. This way, the game will remind you whenever you’ve played for a long time.

Some operators set the default timer to notify the players after an hour of gameplay. Others choose two or three hours instead. In any case, these can be adjusted to suit your own habits and needs. So, if you get so immersed that you forget everything around you, the timer is a perfect reality check.

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