The Slot Game Features That Players Love To Hate

We all love mobile slots – you wouldn’t be here on this casino blog if you didn’t! However, as with all things, our love isn’t unconditional and there are certainly elements of mobile slots that we don’t love. Each player looks for something different in all the games they play and keeping an eye out for your favourite features is one of the easiest ways to find games you’re going to enjoy playing.

But what about the inverse; what about the features you hate? While tastes differ, there are some features that are more hated than others, and we decided to share with you some of those slot game features that attract the most malice from players.

Variable Paylines

Neon Staxx PaylinesSo, straight off the bat we’re starting off with a feature that our hatred of might raise a few eyebrows, but we’re afraid that’s going to be the theme of this post, so get used to it. Sure, you might actually quite like having variable paylines, after all, it allows you to increase or decrease your wagering in order to optimise your bankroll.

However, there’s plenty of players out there who have absolutely no time for them. They’re commonly viewed as confusing, unnecessary and just an annoying thing to think about when you’re simply trying to get on with a game. For our money, and for that of many players, variable paylines can just do one.

Expanding Reels

When Pigs Fly Normal WinPopularised by games like NetEnt’s When Pigs Fly, expanding reels is a feature by which many of the possible locations for symbols to fall on the reels are obscured until you get a win, with increasing squares revealed as your win streak continues. Then, when your luck breaks, you’re right back to square one, relying on a single square to create winning combinations.

Some players like the added drama of expanding reels, but really, they’re just perverts. There’s nothing to love about a feature which simply makes it harder for you to win. Oh, and god forbid a developer team's expanding reels with a high variance slot – you’re not going to have much fun there.


jimi-hendrix-pick-and-click-bonusIt’s a classic bonus game feature aims to make you feel like you’re controlling what you win. You know the format, you’re presented with a random number of a  particular object, and you have to choose one of them to reveal a cash prize or multiplier.

You usually play these games as a scatter bonus game, or to decide a free spins multiplier – you’ve definitely experienced one before.

Sure, these pick-a-win games might be a welcome break from the standard slot format and you may genuinely be able to kid yourself into thinking you’re in control, but in reality this is just as random as a spin on the slots. There’s no skill involved in picking and many players, including us, would prefer it if you were simply allocated a prize or a multiplier.

Gamble Option

Superman Gamble FeatureArguably also a bonus game, but really just a part of winning at slots, is the opportunity to gamble your winnings. This feature might come whenever you make a win on a slots spin, or perhaps at the end of a free spins rounds.

It asks for you to decide whether to keep your winnings or gamble them for the chance to win even more cash. This is popular in games by developers like Play’N GO.

Just like Pick-a-Win features, however, these are a fool’s game to get mixed up in. Although, yes, there’s the chance to double, and sometimes even triple or quadruple your winnings, that’s assuming the odds aren’t stacked against you (which they probably are), and it’s actually worth gambling your winnings to start with. Just let me keep my winnings – GOD!

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