Skrill vs PayPal – Which Is the Better eWallet For Mobile Casino Deposits?

When it comes to making a mobile deposit at a mobile casino, it's hard to know which method to use. Should you go for the ease and speed of an ewallet or the accessibility of pay-by-phone billing? If you have chosen an ewallet, congratulations! You now have at least three options to choose from… Most people would go with the option they're most familiar with. But is this always the best approach? Today, we're going to compare the pros and cons of ewallets Skrill and PayPal (both widely used at mobile casinos) and see which is superior.


skrill logoSkrill is widely used among mobile casinos for its simplicity, ease of use and professional aesthetic. It is recognizable thanks to its purple theme, its unique font and its short and snappy name. In terms of worldwide usage it may not be the most widely recognized ewallet service but it's a nice alternative to services like PayPal who, in a way, could be too popular for their own good.


Thumbs UpSkrill announces its main selling points in its company statement: “simple, secure and quick”. One look at their website is enough to confirm this. Skrill is extremely quick in its deposit of funds and quicker than most to withdraw them. All transactions are so tightly secure that it is one of the safest way of making online payments.

Setting an account with them is free and takes very little effort to do. All you need is a bank account, a direct debit link and, bam! You've got yourself a Skrill account. It can be used on most devices including mobile and desktop and any transaction can be completed with a click of a button.


Thumbs Down

There aren't many disadvantages using Skrill but they are there. For instance, the fact that it isn't widely recognized as much as PayPal is immediately knocks points off as players are more likely to have a PayPal than a Skrill. While Skrill is widely used at casinos, it has yet to achieve the universality status as PayPal. So if a mobile casino uses both, Skrill is pretty much screwed. Why create the account when you already have a PayPal?

There are also fees but we'd argue that these are unavoidable wherever you go. Thankfully, Skrill keeps them at a minimum, making a transaction to another country less of a headache. On the other hand, there are some withdrawal funds which could be lower.


PayPal LogoPayPal almost needs no introduction. For a long time, it has served as the universal ewallet for many online transactions all over the world. It's universal usage has elevated it above competition (even Skrill) to a level where competing with them is generally a bad idea. But is it all that it's cracked up to be? Just because something is widely used, does that mean they are the best thing to go for?


Thumbs Up

The best thing about PayPal is what we mentioned above. Already having a PayPal account comes in very handy as you can make a deposit into a mobile casino literally within seconds. This also keeps in line with continuity and helps players keep track of their finances in one place.

As well as making deposits, you can do all sorts with PayPal such as donations, set up a personal or business account, even get refunds. The customer service tends to be fairly good too with an extensive FAQ on their website. Getting started is easy, too! Setting up an account is just as easy as setting one up with Skrill. And, if you haven't already, we recommend you getting one. Seriously, it'll save you a lot of headaches.


Thumbs DownParadoxically, despite the worldwide appeal of PayPal, it's not used at mobile casinos as much as Skirll is. It's kind of odd and we're not entirely sure why this is. Maybe because the fees are higher than they are with Skrill, making them just a little bit less accessible. Still, we'd argue that they're not that extortionate. They're still affordable, not unreasonable. At least, with small transactions. With larger ones… not so much.

There is also a tendency with PayPal for them to freeze your funds if something has gone wrong and, although their customer support is strong, it's very impersonal and any decision they make is final. Refunds also take a while to go through.



conclusion question markIn regards to making a mobile casino deposit, we'd have to say Skrill is the clear winner. It is more widely available at mobile casinos than PayPal due to lower transaction fees. In terms of performance, we'd say that Skrill and PayPal are about equal and use the same quick efficiency to carry out any transaction.

However, Skrill has the edge for more personal customer service and its professional output makes sure players aren't conned out of money. It's also very secure, which ultimately is what makes most players go for it.