Six Reasons Why You Are Losing When Playing Mobile Slots

All Downhill From Here On SignWINNING! Isn’t it great? Who doesn’t like to win? Who doesn’t like to think about winning? Who doesn’t like to talk about winning? Well, unfortunately, this post isn’t about winning. No, this post is about losing, and to be more specific, why you’re losing on mobile slots. While everyone knows that online and mobile casino games have a slight house edge, you should never be losing more than seems reasonable. In this post we’ll look at the top six reasons you might be losing at mobile slots, rank them by severity and offer some ideas as to how to remedy the situation.


You’re Not Playing The Right Number Of Paylines

Severity – Low

The most common issue when people are playing slots is a misunderstanding of how the slot works, and among the many ways you can fail to grasp a slot is not knowing how the paylines work or how many you should activate. Now, not all slots have variable paylines, but for those which do, you need to know how to use them correctly. That’s because you may not realise you’re throwing away money until it’s too late!

Paylines are the lines on which winning combinations can fall. If a winning set of symbols fall on an active payline, you’ll be rewarded for that. However, if you haven’t chosen to activate a specific payline and a winning combination falls on it, you’ll not get anything for it.

Generally speaking, the more paylines you play, the better your chances of a win. However, be aware of your budget – if you can’t afford to go all out on paylines on a specific spin, reduce the number you’re playing; when you’re doing better, increase the number again.


You’re Betting Too High

Severity – Low/Medium

All In Casino ChipsDo you keep running out of cash in your bankroll in no time? Does it feel you should be playing for longer, but somehow keep ending up out of funds? Chances are you’re being a little too liberal with your betting. The number one piece of advice we always give gamblers is to know your budget and play accordingly. You should look at gambling like any hobby – something you enjoy doing, and which you expect to cost you money – and as such, you should have a set amount you can afford to lose.

Everyone’s budget is different, but the general rule for mobile slots is the same. Start betting at a medium level, where you could afford lots of spins for your given budget. If you’re not lucky in your spins, scale down your bets; if you’re lucky, scale them up. You should only take big risks with money you’ve made above what you started with and never throw caution to the wind in a last ditched attempt to make your money back.


Wrong Volatility For Your Playing Style

Severity – Medium

volatility-ahead-signClosely related to judging the size of your bets is knowing the volatility of the slot you’re playing on. While slots are essentially random, to add an extra level of excitement, there are special parts of their algorithms which determine whether a game will pay small amounts more regularly (low volatility) or pay large amounts less regularly (high volatility). Now, there’s no right or wrong answer as to which of these you should play, but there’s definitely different approaches you should take with each of them.

High volatility slots may see you watching your balance seem to disappear before a massive win propels you back to where you started or beyond. This means you need to be really careful of your budget – big bets which eat through your bankroll quicker really don’t pay off here. The inverse is true with low volatility slots; you’re never going to make a whole lot of money if you don’t put yourself out there with bigger bets. Obviously, cautious play is recommended on both counts, but play to the volatility or find another slot.


The Slot Has A Low RTP Rate

Severity – Medium

rtp-and-variance-slotsThe return to player rate (RTP) is the amount of your initial bankroll which you can expect to still have after an infinite number of spins on a specific game. If that sounds like a bit of a weird thing to work out, it is. That’s because you’re only going to be playing a finite number of spins on any given game, and you can’t expect to actually get the RTP advertised by the game. Usually, you’ll end up either better or worse off, but the RTP can be a really good guide as to how to approach a game.

Firstly, if the RTP is lower than 95%, don’t bother paying the slot. Although it’s not an exact science, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of walking away with more cash. Most RTPs for online and mobile slots tend to be in the high 90s percentage wise. If you’re losing all the time, check the RTP rates on the games you’re playing and chances are you’ll find they’re surprisingly low. Find a new game, mate.


The Casino You’re Playing At Is Fixed

Severity – High

Gambling Commission LogoThe online and mobile casino is highly regulated, with every legal operator being required to hold a gambling license and having oversight from independent bodies. Moreover, games developers are not required to hold gambling licenses of their own, with the games they put out being subject to tests to make sure they have the probabilities of winning that their makers claim they have. However, not all operators and game developers work within the law, and that’s where unsuspecting players can come unstuck.

If a game or casino is fixed, there’s pretty much nothing you can do to ensure a fair game, other than to simply switch to another casino. Signs of a dodgy casino include unrealistic losing streaks and the inability to withdraw your winnings. Always research a casino before you start playing there, and look out for license numbers and UK Gambling Commission logos.


It’s Not Your Day

Severity – Very High

We’re not mad about the concept of luck, but sometimes it just seems like the odds are stacked against you. If you’ve gone through all the reasons you might be losing above and it still seems like you can’t get a break, maybe it’s just time to call it a day and try again tomorrow!