Roulette Launches on GoWin Casino


So it’s time to come clean, as much as I love playing in the GoWin Casino I’ve always felt like there was something missing, that was until today. Today’s the day that GoWin launches it’s roulette product onto the casino.

Roulette has long been regarded as one of the most popular games on offer in casino’s throughout the world. The unique anticipation only found with the spin of the wheel is a huge draw for novices and professional gamblers alike with any players on a run almost guaranteed to gather a cheering crowd, but this popularity is not just a recent thing.

A little bit of history

The first roulette table, seen way back in the 18th century, was derived from a combination of existing English, Italian and primarily French games, the game quickly spread around the world, well relatively quickly, and became a firm favourite for gamblers.

The original roulette tables all featured a double zero and this was standard throughout the world up until the 1860’s when a Monte Carlo casinos single zero wheel became their primary draw for players. This led to two versions of the game vying for the top spot with players, the European style single zero game and the US double zero game. There is little actual difference between the games although you will find marginally better odds with a European table.

Looking to the future


With this rich history and passionate player base in mind we wanted to make sure we had our roulette game spot on before presenting it to our players and in my opinion that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Utilising all the technology and capabilities of your smartphone and tablet we’ve launched a roulette game that we think is as close to the real thing as you can get. The detail on the roulette table as it spins is a wonder to behold (if you’re into that sort of thing).

As proud as we are about how the game looks we can’t forget about the actual game itself. Based on the European style single zero variation you’ll get all the betting options you’d expect to see, with a huge range of wagering to chose from and single bet win up to 35x your stake there’s plenty to love about this casino classic.


So what else can I about this latest release except go and give it a try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!