How To Protect Against A Casino Hack (Including Using Mobile Deposits)

WannaCry Ransom Page Over the last couple of weeks, the WannaCry ransomware virus has been causing problems for data systems all around the world, highlighting weaknesses in the internet security of thousands of organisations.

Hijacking systems, holding data hostage and demanding Bitcoin for its release, WannaCry is one of the most high profile viruses in the last couple of years.

Although we don’t know about any mobile casinos which have been specifically hit by the virus, this big news has got us thinking about the safety of our data and money at online and mobile casinos.We thought this would be a good opportunity to remind our readers and players of some of the ways to protect yourself and your money when using casinos.

Play At Licensed, Regulated & Encrypted Sites

uk-gambling-commissionA large part of the responsibility for the safety of player data, of course, lies with the casino where you’re playing. It’s a big undertaking, agreeing to protect the information of all your users, and making sure your servers are set up to be unsusceptible to digital attacks.

That’s why it tends to only be properly licensed and fully regulated casinos that make the effort in the first place. This is why it’s crucially important that you check any casino you’re thinking of playing at has proper oversight from a watchdog organisation.

At GoWin we take our responsibility to players’ information and money very seriously and work with cyber-security experts to ensure our encryption keep us from being an attractive target for would-be hackers looking to steal data. It’s down to players to ensure that they never, ever play at unlicensed casinos, where threats to your data and dollar can come in all shapes and sizes.

Use Protected Payment Methods

gowin casino deposit methodsNot all payment methods are born equal, and some are far better at protecting your cash at mobile and online casinos than others. Think about the two most basic ways of depositing at mobile casinos – by credit or debit card, or by bank transfer.

These deposit options require you to share sensitive banking information with casinos and makes your data vulnerable if someone manages to hack the casino’s servers.

This is why it’s such a good idea to use alternative payment methods, which won’t require you to share such information with the sites. For instance, using e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller will let you log straight into your e-wallet account, and will keep the casino at arm’s length from any of your banking information.

Moreover, pay by phone bill deposits don’t even require a login, meaning there’s literally no way anyone can access more of your money than you choose to spend.

Use Unique Passwords

Login Details On ScreenOur final piece of advice is one that you’re probably sick of hearing by now, but one that stands the test of time, and really deserves to be taken seriously.

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to you on the web is for a hacker to get hold of a password you use for multiple online accounts, which then allows them access to your emails, social media, and other places sensitive information might be stored.

The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use different passwords for all your online logins, meaning that even if one is compromised, it doesn’t leave other accounts vulnerable.

Everyone knows that remembering multiple passwords is a total ache, but if you download a password manager, you can let do the remembering for you to keep you safe.