What Kind Of Promotions Should You Look For As A Casino Table Game Lover?

casino-mobile-depositsWhen it comes to casino promotions and bonuses, there's hardly a lack of choice and the promotions available at GoWin proving that true. Yet in an industry which is absolutely ruled by slot games, with most casinos hosting a library of slots which absolutely dwarf every other casino game available, it can be hard to find a promotion which isn't aimed at slots players.

It makes sense for casinos to provide bonuses which satisfy a majority of their players, but all the same, casino table game fans still need a reward for spending their hard earned cash at a casino.

So, what promotions should you be on the look out for, if you're one of those table game lovers who wants to be rewarded just as much as the slot players? In this post, we'll run you through the five promotions that you should be on the look out for, if you're searching for casino table game bonuses.

Deposit Matches

deposit match tuesday gowin may 2017 promoDeposit matches are a staple of casino promotions, especially when it comes to their welcome bonuses. There's no better way to make a player excited about making their first deposit, than giving them even more money back, so they have more cash to spend at the casino right away, to start winning even bigger potential payouts.

Deposit matches literally give players a percentage of their deposited money back to them in the form of bonus cash. This bonus cash requires players to satisfy wagering requirements before they can withdraw it, but it effectively gives them more money to play on their casino games.

Plus, there's the chance to win more cash back. For example, GoWin provides players with £850 worth of deposit matches across their first three deposits.

This bonus cash can be played and wagered on any manner of games, including casino table games. If you're a player who wants to start playing big money bets on table games like roulette and blackjack, or simply wants to play for longer without having to deposit any more of your own money, then there's no better way to do that than with a deposit match.

Free Plays

free casinoThe more popular version of this promotion is free spins, which you've most likely heard of. However, free plays are slightly different to free spins. Free spins are only available to play on slot games, which is fitting since you spin slots. B

ut since you can't spin casino table games (roulette being discounted here), there's another form of extra spin which applies to casino table games; namely free plays.

Free plays are usually available to use on both casino table games and slots, with the terms and conditions of the promotion making it clear what game they can be used on.

Free plays are rare, but they can be found especially at casinos which focus primarily on casino table games. All you have to do is make sure a promotion lists itself as a free play before you activate it, and as always, check the T&Cs just to make sure.

Win Boosts

gowin boostThe golden rule of any casino bonus is to always read the terms of it before you activate it. Win Boosts are an especially important casino bonus to do this with as it's up to a casinos' discretion what kind of games they apply to.

In general, the idea behind win boosts is that a casino will give you a match on your wins across a certain period. A casino's win boost promotion can work by doubling whatever you win across a weekend on table games for instance.

While these promotions are excellent for making a lucky streak of wins even better, as always players must be certain the win boost they're signing up for applies to table games and not just slots. However, once you've got it all worked out and confirmed it, then you should take advantage of this promo immediately, as it can turn a good weekend of gaming into a great one if you win just right.

Loss Rebates

lose diceMuch like how win boosts can increase the wins you make over a certain period, loss rebates are basically the same, but are applied if you've had a bad gaming session. Loss rebates can cure some of the wounds of a bad gambling session by giving players back a percentage of their losses across a period of time.

An example of a loss rebate could be that you get 50% of your losses back from any table game you've played over the weekend. The same rule of checking which games a loss rebate applies to is as important as ever.

But once you've gotten that out the way, you can enjoy your table games, safe in the knowledge that no matter how bad it gets, it will end up at least getting 50% better.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

gowin 5 free bonusNo deposit bonuses are THE favourite kind of a casino bonus. After all, who could argue with free money simply for signing up with a casino? No deposit bonus cash usually comes in a low amount at around £5, but all the same, it gives you a chance to play casino table games for free. Yup, you won't have to deposit any of your own money into the casino.

It's a win-win situation: if you do well, then you have cash hanging around that you can start satisfying the wagering requirements for in order to win. And if you lose it all, then you've at least got some casino table game fun in without having to risk your own money, but with all the same excitement as if you had.