Promo Codes vs Applied Promotions – Why Casinos Use One and Not the Other

gowin casino weekly promotionsSo, if you've been dabbling in mobile gambling for a while, you'll notice that some casinos really like their promotions. However, as there are so many different casinos out there, there are also many different kinds of promotions you can take on. From welcome bonuses to VIP schemes, they are all designed to keep the player happy and makes sure that they come back to the casino on a regular basis. There are two different types of promotions.

The first of which is the Automatically Applied Promotion (we just called it Applied Promotion for for short) and promotions that use promo codes. It's easy enough to understand the difference between them but why do some casinos use one but not the other? Which is better and if you can control promo codes should you not be able to do the same with the applied? Here is our point of view on the matter.


What Are They?

First before we tackle this topic, it's important to understand precisely the crucial difference between promo codes and applied promotions.

Promo Codes

Gowin - Free spinsA promotion that needs a promo code to use is just that: a promotion that will be useless unless the player enters in the correct code to activate it. Usually, promo codes can be found on the webpage that gives off the most information about the promotion in question. It's displayed in capital letters and can easily be seen at a glance. For example, if we at GoWin casino wanted to NetEnt's Starburst game with free spins, you could enter the code STARBURST1 into the promo code box and get those free spins.

Promo codes are often used by casinos to give a sense of control over to the player. If they do not wish to participate in a promotion scheme then all they have to do is not put the promo code into the box. It's that simple. However, for some players, they miss the fact that the promotion is code-based entirely and end up getting angry because the promotion they believed to be automatic turned out not to be. This is more down to the player's own fault than promo codes being inherently flawed. However, some casinos do tend not to display them very clearly so we can understand.

Applied Promotions

win bonus gowin promotionSo, if a promo code-based promotion relies on a code to work, applied promotions are the opposite – they are given automatically when you fulfill the correct requirement to qualify for it. For example, the simple act of joining up to a casino could mean you'll receive a free £5 in your wagering account. Of course, it's not always as easy as that. First, there are wagering requirements (and these can apply to promo codes too) which mean you have to gamble a bit before getting said bonus.

Also, you may have to complete some complex actions before you even qualify. For one, the promotion may require you to make a deposit on a certain day of the week (or in a set time period). For another, they then may ask you to deposit at least £10 into your wagering account. Okay, so not quite as automatic as one may assume. But they are good in the sense that is shows the casino has a lot to offer and is willing to give it away.


Pros And Cons

Thumbs UpWell, for the most part, the reason why casinos may choose to select either a promo code promotion or a applied promotion is due to their inherent advantages and disadvantages. For instance, promo codes do, like we have said, give a player that sense of control.

This is immediately advantageous as this builds a better rapport between the casino and the player. On the other hand, promo codes are flawed purely because they need a promo code to be able to use. Although it's unlikely that you'll lose the promo code (as it's usually on the casino's website) if you can't find it then you can't use it.

Applied promotions have the opposite problem. If you inadvertently did something that qualifies you for one of the site's promotions, you may get involved in it without even wanting to.

While you can just not use those free spins, it does feel like a waste and, ultimately, feels pointless. So if a casino wants to appear generous, then they will use more applied promotions. If a casino wants to give players more control, they give them promo codes. It's really as simple as that.