Probability PLC – The UK’s Favourite Mobile Slots Developer

Probability PLC LogoDo you think it's a little weird that you haven’t heard of a new game from Probability PLC in ages? One of the most prolific and popular mobile slots software developers seems to have disappear off the map. Well, it’s been two years and there’s good reason for it – if you weren’t paying attention at the time, you may have missed that Probability PLC was actually swallowed up in a merger with gaming giant GTECH, which was then in turn swallowed in a merger with IGT.

It’s definitely a shame, but the good news is that there’s still plenty of old Probability slots out there for you to play and enjoy, and just like a fine wine, they’re only getting better with age. With each month that passes, Probability titles move from the realms of the current into the realms of retro. Both players who enjoyed them in the heyday, as well as those discovering the games for the first time, are seeking out Probability slots for their unique feel and infectious charm.


Probability’s History

Probability PLC was founded by Charles Cohen and John Scaife in 2003 and started putting out games in early 2004. The company quickly established its own development approach and identifiable game style and it’s partly this strong company identity which made the slots and casino games it put out so recognisable and iconic.

GTECH Gaming LogoThroughout the mid to late 2000s, Probability affirmed its place in the higher echelons of mobile casino games developers, and became ubiquitous through its rapid expansion at both its own white label casinos and other brands which hosted their slots. Its games were highly sought after and every new release was devoured by fans eager to enjoy the latest offering.

Recognising Probability’s skill and potential, in 2014 GTECH made an offer that the Probability management couldn’t refuse, forking out a total of £18 million to acquire the company and make it a subsidiary of its own development division, and gain access to its core gaming platforms. Probability is still developing slot games, but these games are now released under the umbrella of GTECH or IGT.


How To Spot A Probability Slot

One of the key appeals of Probability is the consistent and dependable style in which they made slots and casino games. You can spot a Probability game a mile off, and while other developers would be accused or lack of originality, Probability made this uniform look, feel and playing style their calling card.

Disco Dollars LogoMinimalism is the watchword when it comes to Probability slots. While other developers like NetEnt or Microgaming were having a race to the top to pack their games with as many bonus features and mini games, Probability stayed on a smooth course of enjoyable, relatively simple base games, with few bells and whistles. For fans of this style, it represented a harkening back to a simpler time in slots, where games were easier to understand and offered modest fun. Their games were retro before they even got old.

The Only Way is Slots LogoSimple play didn’t mean a simple look though. Their signature cartoon look quickly adopted HD graphics, to ensure their slots looked fantastic on state of the art smartphone screens. Solid ‘mobile first’ development that their games play wonderfully on the go, and render in no time whether you’re on 3G, 4G or WIFI connections.


The Probability Games Portfolio

While slots are by far the main domain of Probability, they are also known for a number of great casino games. Their HD roulette – released in 2013, was not only the company’s first non-slot orientated game, it was also ground breaking in being one of the first mobile casinos generally to fully utilise the HD capabilities of modern smartphones.Warzone Logo

The full portfolio of Probability mobile slot and casino games can be found below and are all available on iOS, Android and desktop:

Video Slots:

  • Contract Killer Slots
  • Disco Dollars
  • Filthy Rich Slots
  • Fizz Factory
  • Loopy Lotto
  • Money Beach
  • Reels of Fortune
  • Silly Slots
  • Super Fruity
  • Sweet Treats
  • The Only Way is Slots (TOWIS)
  • The Slot
  • Treasure Island

HD Slots:

  • Goldrush
  • Long John's Silver
  • Mayan Moola
  • Poseidon's Kingdom
  • Pots O Plenty
  • Reindeer Readies!
  • Samurai vs Zombies
  • Warzone
  • Way of The Slot

Progressive Jackpot Slots:

  • Knight's Jackpot
  • Pharaoh's Fortunes


Non-slot Games:

  • Bingo
  • Blackjack (Multi-hand)
  • Mobile American Roulette
  • Roulette HD

Loopy Lotto LogoThe highlights for us are the funky Disco Dollars – a later Probability game which is probably the most visually pleasing – and Loopy Lotto – a game which walked the line between slot and lottery. And, of course, as mentioned before, the innovative Roulette HD, which broke the mould, and offered the opportunity to toggle between American and European style tables, all in glorious HD.


Who Should Play Probability Games?

The short answer? Anyone and everyone. In their simplicity and style they aim for mass appeal, while offering enough variation in theme and content as to hone in on the specific interests of various different players. Their slots attract everyone from hardcore video gamers (with the likes of Warzone) and glamour pusses (The Only Way is Slots) alike, while the company's foray into mobile casino games makes their offering a great proposition for even serious gamblers.

While it's still technically possible to play ‘new' Probability games, players are sure to be riffling through the back catalogue of their mobile slots and casino games for years to come. If you're an old hand and already a fan of Probability, then good on you, but if you're uninitiated, you have a lots to look forward to.