Preparing For The Virtual Reality Future Of Gambling

Virtual Reality HeadsetThere’s no doubt in most people’s minds that virtual reality gaming is the future of online and mobile gambling. We’ve even discussed this fact on this blog a number of times before. But while it’s great to talk about this all in abstract, we’ve never really address how you, the average player, can go about preparing for coming virtual reality revolution. That’s why we thought we’d take this opportunity to see what kind of virtual reality options are already out there, and look at what you can be doing to prepare yourself.


Existing Hardware

You might be surprised to learn that there’s already a broad spectrum of virtual reality experiences available to consumers. At the very top end, you have fully immersive experiences with custom built headsets and hand controllers (even sometimes with motion tracking walkways), which facilitate the ‘best’ (i.e. most convincing) virtual reality experiences.

Virtual Reality HeadsetsRight down at the bottom there’s the cheapo products like Google Cardboard – literally a cardboard box which turns your phone into a super low-tech VR viewfinder. These are a bit of a laugh with your mates, especially when you’ve had a few, but they’re not fooling anyone into believing this is a full virtual reality experience.

Between these two extremes is a growing collection of products which are either purpose built headsets, or designed to work in conjunction with your phone, and it’s in this category that you’re most likely to find consumer products suitable for use in the gambling context. We’re talking about the HTC Vine and Galaxy Gear kind of thing, and right now you can have some really trippy VR sessions using them.


Existing Casinos & Software

This is currently the biggest sticking point in most people’s quest to get their virtual reality on; the current lack of places to play, and suitable games to enjoy at them! Now, there are a few sites which promise they’re ‘virtual reality’ but what that most just means is that you can go into a virtual reality lobby, and play standard online or mobile slots as if sitting at a land-based casino terminal.

The tide is turning though. Microgaming has released a fully virtual reality roulette game and NetEnt has announced that it’s working on a VR version of its popular Gonzo’s Quest slot, but there’s still a long way to go before these kinds of games are being made by smaller developers, and regularly appearing at your favourite casinos.


When/What To Buy

virtual realityRight now it costs a surprising amount of money to invest in virtual reality equipment, and if the trends in developing technologies we’ve seen in the past play out the same, that tech will quickly become obsolete. Yes, virtual reality headsets might seem super futuristic right now, but that’s exactly what people thought about the first mobile phones and laptops, and look at them now.

It might be best just to sit it out a little bit, and wait for the winds to change, and the really decent consumer virtual reality units to become mainstream. It might a hard urge to fight, but you don’t want to be the guy with the Nokia 3310, when all you mates have held out for iPhones.

Honestly, for the time being, if you want to try out virtual reality gambling, you might simply be best off heading to gaming expos, and trying out the dozens of virtual reality units that are peppering the stands. Don’t blow your load too soon!

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