The 3 Kinds Of Players Who Wouldn’t Benefit From Pay By Phone Depositing

pay by phone ewWe all know that pay by phone depositing is a great method for many players. From the youngest whipper-snapper to the most hardened veteran, it has proven to be one of the most convenient and easiest depositing methods in the mobile gambling industry. Some are even calling it the future of financial transactions and why not? There are many benefits to it and very few flaws.

Yet it doesn't work for everybody. There are certain sorts of players out there, who would not only find pay by phone depositing irritating, but they would not benefit from it whatsoever. There are three kinds of players that come to our minds immediately and we're going to talk about them right here. If you're one of these people, then… we apologise in advance.


1. Loyalists

paypal casinoDon't get us wrong, we admire loyalty. In fact, we encourage it. After all, we at GoWin would be nothing without our loyal fans. Yet when we say loyal in this context, we don't mean people who are loyal to pay by phone depositing. Oh, no!

We mean the players, who are blindly loyal to the current payment method they use that isn't pay by phone. And that's fine. If it works for you, then great. If you simply adore PayPal or think Neteller is the best thing since sliced bread then be our guest as we're not going to try and change your mind about that.

What we think, however, is that some people can be so loyal to a way of depositing that if they were to suddenly switch to mobile depositing, they would not like it. It could be a simple thing of just getting used to, but if you feel insecure about texting your amount and verifying that through SMS, that could be quite a departure from what you're used to and you wouldn't stick to it for very long. So if you're too much of a loyalist, pay by phone depositing isn't the method for you, sadly.


2. Sceptics

scepticWe quite like a healthy amount of scepticism (blindly accepting what people tell you is never a good idea). At the same time, some people can be a little too sceptical in the sense that they are never willing to give anything a chance. If you yourself find yourself scoffing at the idea that an SMS-verification system is all you need to make a secure payment, then we doubt you'll be using pay by phone depositing very long, if at all.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding pay by phone depositing, making it harder for people who don't take other people's word for it to accept this piece of technology. Of course, they could be sceptical of the myths that they hear, but it's far more likely that they'll just be sceptical of the thing itself. So, if you are a strong sceptic we honestly don't think you'll be getting much out of pay by phone depositing either. Sorry.


3. High-Rollers

high rollerFinally, we reach the high-rollers. What is a high-roller, you ask? A high-roller is someone, who likes to bet large amounts of money. And we mean large amounts. Like hundreds and hundreds of pounds at a time. These are the people, who like to add an extra element of risk to their gameplay by pouring more money into their wagers. And if you can afford it, why not do it? Gambling is supposed to be fun after all.

Yet, it'll become impossible for you if you don't want to spend less than £30 a day, because guess what? Pay by phone depositing has a £30 limit across all networks, meaning you cannot spend more than that in a single day. For many high-rollers, this seriously limits how much you can gamble with daily and takes the fun out of everything. So unless you're willing to compromise, then it seems like you won't benefit much from pay by phone deposits. It's a shame, but that's just the way things are.