Why Would You Want To Play Fixed Payline Online And Mobile Slots?

Book of Ra Fixed PaylinesA few months ago I wrote a piece for this very blog, where I talked about how best you can make use of the variable payline function on your favourite online and mobile slots. Since I wrote that piece, one thing has become abundantly clear from the response to the post: not everyone WANTS to be playing on slots with variable paylines.

This oversight needs rectifying, which is why I’m now writing this piece, which will try and answer the question of: what is the appeal of fixed payline games? Let’s try getting inside the head of a fixed payline player and find out.

We'll be honest and upfront with you: there aren't any that many super specific reasons why fixed payline games are better. In other words, as with all things in online and mobile gambling, a lot of this simply comes down to taste and personal preferences. Yet, there are a couple of good reasons and we'll lay them out for you below. First though, let's just remind ourselves what we're talking about…

Quick Payline Refresher

Man RelaxingJust so we’re all on the same page with what we’re talking about here, paylines are the routes across the reels in any given slot, where a combination of matching symbols will earn you a win.

Usually running from the left of the reels to the right, slots can boast as few as one, single, solitary payline up to anything in the low thousands of ways to win.

Most slots these days will allow you to choose the number of paylines active, usually giving you the opportunity to make smaller bets when you’re lower on cash, or really cash in when you are feeling minted.

What we’re talking about in this post, though, is the games that go against the grain, and prevent you from being able to choose your own number of active paylines, instead making you stick to the max number allowed by the game. Oh, and we’re not discussing payline values here – that’s a whole other topic.

Why Play Fixed Payline Slots?

Think Less About The Game

jackpot deniedWhile online and mobile slots are most certainly games of chance and not skill, there are a number of ways in which you can maximise the possibility of winning and minimise the chances of you wasting all your money.

All this can put a lot of pressure on your mind when you’re really just out to have a relaxing bit of fun. After all, having the extra element of having to decide how many paylines to activate could end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

If all that mental work is doing your head in, why not consider giving fixed payline slots a go? Save yourself the time and energy of working out your slots strategy and simply play.

Always Get Your Bonuses

This next reason to play fixed payline slots is a little more practical than the first. There are many slots which have bonus features, free spins rounds or even progressive jackpots, which can only be earned or won if the player is using all the paylines possible.

You could match all the highest paying symbols, get five scatters in a row or land a bunch of wilds, but that’s all going to count for nothing on these games unless you have all your paylines activated.

Why risk it then? Make sure you always have the opportunity to enjoy all the bonuses and jackpots that are coming your way by always having every single one of your paylines activated!

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