Walmart Is Ready to Switch to PayPal – Are You?

paypal walmartIt’s becoming more and more frequent now for both online casinos and big retail shops to accept PayPal.

Until recently, PayPal was an exclusively digital e-wallet, mostly used by small businesses or private creator sites like Etsy.

It’s always been a great way for people to separate their online activities from their bank account: simpler to set up and no details to share other than an e-mail. And more importantly, you don’t have to give any bank details to whatever site you’re making transactions on.

Gamblers Love PayPal

This greatly affects bet-based hobbies like online gambling or sports betting. Choosing a PayPal casino allows users to mark a distance between their private banking data and whatever they’re up to online.

So why is it such huge news that Walmart is now accepting PayPal too?

Well, they’re not just accepting PayPal. They’ve launched a service that allows you to withdraw PayPal funds from ATMs at Walmart.

It’s the first time ever that PayPal makes physical cash withdrawal available to their users. Let’s quickly check out how these new PayPal withdrawal spots at Walmart work, and then see what it means for the future of PayPal gambling.

PayPal at Walmart: A Sign of Growing Popularity for E-Wallets

Digital currencies are steadily growing in popularity. If even the number one most popular American supermarket is accepting it, then it must mean that PayPal has broken new ground in terms of user accessibility.

Until recently, digital currencies and e-wallets have been used only by a fringe of the population. Mainly, those who are internet-savvy enough to go looking for how-to guides to teach themselves to use PayPal. We take it for granted, but it’s no small feat.

Now, for the first time ever, PayPal users can withdraw cash from their account at a land-based location, and this may be a game changer for the rest of the population.

Taking Strides Towards a Digitalized Future: PayPal ATMs

PayPal users will be able to withdraw cash from their PayPal account at Walmart’s cash registers or ATMs. You can use two different methods:

  • Contactless transaction with your PayPal mobile app
  • Physical transaction using your PayPal Cash Mastercard

This creates a whole new experience of spending money without direct access to your bank account.

As you can regulate how much money is in your PayPal account at all times, this gives you the advantage of being able to control your spending. But that’s not all.

Advantages of PayPal ATMs: What this Means for PayPal Casinos

paypal casinoIf you’re a chronic spender, you can always deposit a monthly allowance in your PayPal account so that you never go over your previously calculated monthly balance.

But there’s another significant advantage.

By cashing out your PayPal funds, you’re exempt from losing any money in online transaction fees. For instance, the simple act of transferring PayPal funds to your bank account incurs a small fee.

So if you decide on using PayPal casinos, you won’t have to worry about deducing any transaction fees from your winnings.

Imagine holding all your jackpot earnings in your hands!

You're Better Off Playing With PayPal on Your Side

Of course, this is just the beginning. People who aren’t in the US can’t yet benefit from this breakthrough. But still, PayPal casinos have a lot of significant, pragmatic advantages.

Let’s quickly summarize them:

  • No personal banking data given to your casino
  • Instant withdrawal/depositing times
  • Ability to create as many PayPal accounts as you like
  • Ability to shop at a huge number of online retail outlets
  • Ability to withdraw at many more land-based locations (soon!)
  • Same account security as your bank

We think it’s safe to say that pretty soon, everyone’s going to be using e-wallets and digital currencies like PayPal.

So, are you ready to take the leap?

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