Do Players Really Need Pay By Phone Billing To Enjoy Mobile Gambling?

mobile phone moneyYou may have heard it many times, but pay by phone billing has to be one of the best, most convenient methods of making a mobile deposit. We at GoWin have certainly endorsed it many times. In fact, we've gone as far as to encourage you to use certain kinds of pay by phone billing methods while playing our games.

And why not? A couple of years ago, there were only two ways you could do it. These days, there are perhaps five or six different organisations that provide the service. Yet, is pay by phone billing essential to a fulfilling mobile gambling experience?

The answer is somewhat murky and today we are going to tackle the question in hopes that you'll make a decision on whether to use it or not.

A Convenient Method

zimpler mobile paymentsWe've already stated in this blog post alone that pay by phone billing is one of the most convenient ways you can make a deposit at a mobile casino. Very little is required on the player's part. All they have to do is text an amount and use a verification code to confirm a payment. In most cases, it doesn't even require a credit card for you to use.

That's not to mention that sending an SMS is far easier than trying to establish an encrypted connection on flimsy or non-existent WiFi. So, naturally, many people would assume that pay by phone billing is a natural complement to mobile gambling and it is. But does that mean that mobile gambling and pay by phone billing should go hand-in-hand?

What if the player doesn't want to use it? They could get along fine with another payment method. PayPal is very universal and convenient too. As is other e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Why don't they compliment mobile gambling too? Well, they do. But it could be argued that pay by phone billing compliments it more because of the purely mobile aspect to it.

Pay By Phone Billing Flaws

boku deposit limitThat isn't to say that pay by phone billing is in any way perfect. Far from it. Its biggest flaw is perhaps the £30 a day deposit limit which many high-rolling gamblers hate.

It seriously restricts how much they can gamble which means in many cases they'd have to resort to other methods such as credit/debit card or even wire bank transfer.

The second biggest flaw (though, it could be argued that this is the biggest problem overall) is that pay by phone billing is strictly a one-way street. You can only make deposits with it, but not withdrawals. The technology to do the latter isn't really there yet.

So, how can pay by phone billing be a true compliment to mobile gambling if it can only do one half of the process? Well, we'd argue that most players tend to deposit more than they withdraw, so the necessity of it may not have cropped up as of yet.

Just because of a couple of flaws, that doesn't mean pay by phone billing is entirely worthless to mobile gambling. Far from it. In fact, it is a necessary step towards carrying it into the future.


pay by phone casino picIn conclusion, is pay by phone billing needed for you to enjoy mobile gambling? In a way, no. You can have a complete and fulfilling gambling experience if you rely on other methods to get you by.

It just means that you make your life slightly easier by not having to worry about bank account details or encrypted connections.

On the other hand, it is necessary for mobile gambling overall as it marks a significant step in developing technologies. Does that mean you must switch to it?

No. It's entirely your choice. But we think that it's still a handy way of depositing your wagering money into your mobile gambling account.