What’s The Point Of Online Gambling Industry Awards?

Awards This week saw the EGR Innovation and Marketing awards take place – highlighting the best developers and operators in the industry right now – and later this month, the WhichBingo awards will crown the top bingo sites over a number of hotly contested categories.

With new industry award events seeming to take place every month, it does rather raise the question of why these industry awards exist in the first place and whether or not we should be paying attention to them. We thought now would be the perfect time to think about these questions and present you with some answers.


Informing Where You Play

We thought we might start off with the really selfish and self-serving way to think about these awards – i.e. what they can do for you. Well, it turns out quite a lot. When it comes to operator awards – otherwise known as business to customer or B2C awards – you’ll get introduced to a whole treasure trove of sites you may never have heard of before, but which certain parts of the industry think are doing a great job.

Whether they’re new on the scene, small but doing something really innovative, or otherwise just off your radar for some reason or another, industry awards can be a surprisingly handy place to look if you’re hunting for your next gambling destination. It’s not even just the winners you should be trying out – checking out all the sites that make it onto short lists in categories you care about can be really fruitful.


Informing What You Play

GoWin Casino Games LobbyRelated to the last point, but of course subtly different, is the fact that as well as new places to play, you’re also able to use industry awards to find the best new gaming content you’ve missed over the last few months. While you might make it your mission to hunt down all the freshest games you can find, and you might do a really good job of it, but there’s no other way of telling whether you’re really playing the best new slots and casino games from across the industry without awards.

It goes without saying that one player alone can’t reliably uncover the best new gaming content, but there’s no shame in letting industry experts track it down for you. By playing games recognised in industry awards, you’re ensuring you’re not only playing the best and freshest games, but also that you’re enjoying those which are most innovative and ground breaking.


Pushing Innovation

Nothing drives innovation like competition. This is true for every industry, but it’s especially true for an industry like online and mobile gambling, where things move so fast, players have short attention spans, and every developer and operator is out to release the next big thing before their counterparts. While the number of players and amount of money made off the back of their products is a useful metric for discovering the best things out there, industry awards also play an important role.

High profile awards bring all kinds of developers and operators together and if you’ve put together a really fantastic product, there’s a good chance it’ll get high profile exposure. If that isn’t a great incentive for putting together great gambling experiences, I don’t know what is!


Highlighting Quiet Greatness

Innovation Light BulbsYou know, who doesn’t get a whole lot of attention when you’re happily playing away on the slots you love at your favourite casinos? The developers locked away in high tech room, staring at computer screens for hours on end, trying to develop the next game titles you’re going to love. These quiet heroes are the backbone of the industry we all play a part in every day, and it seems only appropriate that they get some recognition.

Because these are back office jobs, the only way these developers are really going to enjy recognition is if the industry takes it upon itself to point out their hard work, and reward them for it! This is, after all, the ultimate aim of these awards.

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