The NetEnt Rocks Trilogy Ranked – Which Rocked And Which Flopped

netent-rocks-the-tourThe NetEnt Rocks trilogy comes to an end as the final slot in the series is released. The Motorhead slot marks the culmination of a series that is destined to be remembered for years to come not just as some of the best slots NetEnt has ever produced, but some of the best that have been produced from the industry as a whole.

But which NetEnt Rocks slot is the best of the trilogy? Was it Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix or Guns ‘N' Roses? Each of these are great bands, each with their own different styles, but how well did each slot manage to capture the atmosphere and spirit of each of these classic bands? And even more importantly, which of these slots was the most fun? Although the series was great overall, we've played each one thoroughly to create our ranking of the NetEnt Rocks series. Give it a read and see if you agree if we got it right.


3. Motorhead Slot – Light On Features And Care

The Motorhead slot just came out and it had a lot to live up to. The problem with the Motorhead slot isn't its own fault entirely. It's still a high quality slot that's head and shoulders above most of the other slots released, but the energy that was poured into the earlier installments just couldn't be maintained here.

Motorhead feels like it should have been the first release of the series. Even though it came last, Motorhead comes with less flashy graphics, half the bonuses of the previous games and only one song from the band. Whereas, the other slots offered a range of random and scatter triggered bonus features, Motorhead only comes with two random bonuses, with both equating to extra wild symbols being dropped onto the reels with no additional tweaks to the gameplay. The bonus round consists of only a ten free spins round, which pales in comparison to the creativity and variation of its prequels.


Then there's the issue with the soundtrack and graphics. Whereas, the previous installments allowed players to listen to multiple songs from the bands and even choose from a playlist of music, Motorhead only offers the ‘Ace of Spades' as its one song. You can even choose to turn off the music by toggling rock mode on and off, which seems like a strange feature to add. We're wondering why anyone who is playing a Motorhead themed slot would get annoyed at hearing the band's most famous song.

On top of this, the graphics lack any punch. In the previous games, the reels would spin and land to the beat of each song, with guitar riffs and crowd screams punctuating each win. In Motorhead, the reels just spin and while there are a few standout moments during random bonus features activating, for the most part, it just feels like a slot spinning while some Motorhead music plays in the background.

Overall, the Motorhead slot just seems rushed and apathetic, as if the team were drained of ideas from the previous games and had to pull something together to round out the trilogy. The Motorhead slot is better than most other slots out there, but in comparison to the rest of the NetEnt Rock series, it's a weak final set before curtains.


2. Jimi Hendrix Slot – Treads Old Ground But Still Fun

First point to note is that the Jimi Hendrix slot comes with the lowest RTP in the series, arriving with a 96.90% RTP instead of the series' standard of 96.98% RTP. But that's pedantic and not the only the reason it's arriving in second place. The Jimi Hendrix slot is far above the Motorhead slot and any of the issues we had with the presentation of that game are not present here. The Jimi Hendrix slot captures the feel of the Jimi Hendrix

jimi-hendrix-pick-and-click-bonusExperience with both a vast soundtrack of the band's music and a clean 60s retro look to the visuals. When it comes to bonus features, the slot is just as tied together, featuring two random bonus rounds and five scatter triggered bonus features. The two random bonus features are made up of a ‘Purple Haze' symbol, which appears on reel one and shoots out wild symbols in two separate directions. The second random feature is a free respin which triggers any time four red guitars land on the slot, giving players free re-spins until they fail to spin a further red guitar.

All the main bonus rounds of the slot are entered through a pick and click bonus game. You randomly select symbols hidden behind a speaker system and whichever three symbols you pick first will denote which bonus game you unlock. Players can unlock a coin win and receive a random cash amount right away, or play one of three extra spin rounds. The extra spin rounds each come with their own additional tweaks to the gameplay, adding in differing numbers of wild symbols and wild reels onto the slot.

As you unlock the free spins bonus rounds, with each one titled after a Jimi Hendrix classic, the soundtrack changes to play the related song which adds a lot of variation to your playtime. The problem is that the gameplay doesn't change much, since every bonus round is just a repackaged free spins round. Although the Jimi Hendrix slot features the most bonus rounds of all the games, it still treads a lot of the same ground in each of its feature. It's certainly a fantastic slot and perfect for any Hendrix fan, but its position at number two is earned because it couldn't keep the experience as fresh as it needed to.


1. Guns ‘N' Roses Slot – Ultimate Rock Slot

Saving the best 'til last certainly wasn't the case with this series. NetEnt knocked the ball out of the park from day one and spent the rest of the series trying to keep up with what they'd made the first time round. Guns ‘N' Roses is so packed with ideas and energy that's its impossible not to like it and it really captures the essence of what the series was going for.

From the soundtrack, to the graphics and onto the bonus features, this slot is a real love letter to the band it's representing. Things start out great as players can select from a playlist of five songs at anytime during their play. This playlist includes hits such as ‘Welcome To The Jungle', ‘Chinese Democracy' and ‘Sweet Child of Mine'. The reels of the slot spin to the beat of each song, so any selection feels like it belongs as the backing music to your playtime.guns-and-roses-legend-wild-bonus

The actual bonus features of the slot fair very well too. There are three random bonuses in the game which are very varied. These include a cross shaped wild symbol which can fall on any area of the slot at any time, a random multiplier up to 10x that is added to any symbol and a random series of three free spins which come complete with their own wild reels. It feels like you're being bombarded with bonus features at every moment and that's before you even get to the scatter triggered bonuses.

Players can enjoy two main bonus features, which includes a ‘Crowd Pleaser' mini game, where players click on instruments to reveal multipliers. They can also receive Encore Wild Spins, where they get ten free spins, with a wild reel included for each extra spin. If those bonuses weren't enough you can also unlock a bonus vinyl wheel which can offer any of these bonus features, as well as a cash win or multiplier straight away. If you're looking for the greatest rock slot ever made, then Guns ‘N' Roses is the first place we would point you to.