Mobile Slots VS Promotions: What Makes A Player Join A Casino More?

mobile slots devicesWhen you first join a mobile casino, it may be a bigger decision than you might think. You are, after all, handing over your hard-earned cash to a third party. You want to know if it'll be worth your while. But what you probably don't think too much about is what the ultimate reason is for joining that casino in particular.

After much research and speculation, we here at GoWin have come to the conclusion that it is either one of two things: the mobile slots available at the casino (or the games in general) or the promotions they offers to go along with them. Basically, the question is: do players care more about money or the quality of the games they play?


No Deposit Bonuses

Daily Deposit BonusPerhaps the most common bonus offered at mobile casinos, a no deposit bonus tends to be the biggest deciding factor among new players. It usually involves said casino offering a free fiver to new players so that they get a head-start in playing their mobile slot games.

After all, players will still be dubious about forking over funds that they may not want to hand over. So this often acts as the clincher, the one thing that makes them sign up. Is it overall the one thing players want over mobile slots? In some cases, yes. Many new “players” tend to join a mobile casino so that they can grab that free £5 from the casino but never once play any of their games.

Let's be honest, if a stranger offered you free money you wouldn't gamble it away. You'd take it and run. This is why wagering requirements are put in place. Many seasoned players will be aware of wagering requirements so they would not necessarily join out of any kind of greed. At least, not for a measly £5… They may join for other promotion offers such as free spins or a larger cash offer when the player makes a deposit.

But again, this will make little sense as you would have to surpass the wagering requirement first. Anyway, there are other, quicker ways of obtaining money so this side of the argument doesn't hold much ground. That is unless every single mobile gambler is ignorant as to how gambling actually works.


Quality Mobile Slots

starburst-responsive-showcase-mockupThe idea that players tend to join because they know of and enjoy the mobile slots (or other games) that are on offer holds much more water. While many slot titles out there can be seen repeated over many casinos, it's often been proven that players like familiarity. So it's pretty obvious that they care a little bit more about the casino other than just the money they could potentially win.

On the other hand, that isn't to say that players care which slot they play. At least, on the surface. If the mobile slots they find all have beautiful graphics and an awesome soundtrack, an educated player may still not play it. Why? Because the RTP is too low, the bonus games are rubbish, or the fact that it doesn't offer much in the way of winlines.

So to say that players do not join casinos to play quality mobile slots is balderdash. They play a mobile slot depending on its ability to help them win money and that is, in their eyes, what quality stands for.



conclusion question markSo do players only join a casino because they care only about money? We think the ultimate answer to this question is: yes. Of course they do! Why else do people gamble? It isn't to admire the green baize of the poker table! But the reasons for players to join a casino for money are more complex than you may believe.

They do not join simply because that casino is offering £10 as a welcome bonus. They join based on the quality of the games the casino provides and how profitable a venture playing those mobile slots would be.

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