Go Mobile With GoWin Even Easier With The GoWin Casino App

gowin-casino-mobileGoWin Casino has always been a friend of mobile casino players, offering a mobile optimised casino which provides mobile friendly slot games, promotions which can be attained with low mobile deposits, and most important of all, the mobile phone bill depositing options which allow players to both play and pay on the go.

We've talked in the past about the differences between browser gambling and app based gambling, pointing out that casino apps have a lot of selling points when it comes to their stability, speed and more efficient battery usage compared to browser gambling.

So to make your mobile experience even better, we've created the GoWin app and will demonstrate why it improves every aspect of the already exceptional GoWin Casino, from playing your slot games, all the way to making your mobile deposits.

The GoWin App – The Best Version Of The Best Mobile Casino

iphone ipad ipod touchThe GoWin app is a free to download app, which is only available on the app store. Users need to be 17 years or older to play on the app, as with any casino, and they must have iOS 9.0 or later as their operating system. The app is currently only compatible with Apple devices and is not yet available for Android, with the only compatible systems including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The GoWin app is considered a strong part of the entire GoWin family and hasn't been left to fend for itself. The app is regularly updated, with a new update arriving at least once a month. New updates bring with them improved stability, removal of glitches and optimisation so the app continues to use less power and data on your phone.

Browser based casino sites still work exceptionally well, because most browsers are pretty stable, but a browser based casino is only as stable as the browser it's being played on. On a browser, GoWin is still at the mercy of the browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. In app form, GoWin can fully control every feature, so you know you're always getting the experience that GoWin wants you to have.

mobile app gowinThe GoWin app is also very easy going on mobile hardware. It only uses 56.4mb worth of hard drive space on your phone and it uses a significantly lower amount of ram on your mobile, since GoWin is only running its own processes and not having to do that on top of whatever a browser is running. This leads the GoWin app to use much less battery power and give you the ability to game for much longer when you're free of a browser.

And finally, the most important aspect we come to is security. An app will always be safer than a browser simply because it can control its own security and not be subject to the security flaws that a browser may suffer from. The GoWin app is kept up to date with the latest industry standard SSL encryption, which is required by law and frequently checked by regulators such as the UKGC. Although browser based gaming is exceptionally safe, the fact is that a browser will always have more holes than an app, which we can encrypt ourselves and understand every aspect of.

When players are making payments, we want them to feel safe and make stable banking transactions that are less likely to crash or have their details intercepted. That's why we recommend the GoWin app for anyone who's travelling around and using mobile data, or even publicly available internet connections. If you combine the security of the GoWin app, with the extra security of Boku Mobile depositing, then you have the most stable and secure casino depositing that you will find anywhere.

Pay And Play On The Go With The GoWin Mobile App

Sparks Mobile Slot NetEnt Wilds iPhoneGoWin continue to push the boundaries of what a mobile casino can provide its players. Mobile phones are consistently becoming the preferred way that players are choosing to access their casinos and the benefits of mobile casinos continue to expand as the technology is refined. The mobile revolution has already arrived and GoWin aims to stay well ahead of the trend.

Not enough mobile casinos provide their own app, but GoWin has kicked the trend and has put all of its strongest mobile achievements into one simple to use app, which players can activate from the home screen and start gambling right away.

It makes playing games easier, it's easier on your mobile's hardware and it's the ultimate way to make mobile deposits due to the increased speed and security that mobile depositing offers when done from an app. So why not try out the GoWin app today and see if it changes your mind on browser based gambling forever.

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