The Ultimate Showdown: Mobile Gambling VS Desktop Gambling

desktop vs mobile

It's the question that's on every player's lips these days, especially since mobile gambling has come so far in its development. It has evolved to become serious competition (or, at the very least, comparable) to desktop gambling, making it more and more difficult to see which form is superior. That is why today we have brought them together in a standoff  to see which one is the best to invest in. But, of course, this is just our opinion and if you disagree you may come to your own conclusion.


Mobile Gambling

This usually takes the form of devices such as phones and tablets – things you literally see everyday either in your own hands or in the hands of people around you. You'll especially see them on a crowded metro or bus when people have to stand still for more than five minutes. While many may be looking at news or checking Facebook, some will more than likely be playing some game or other and at least two of them will be gambling.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of mobile gambling to see how it holds up.

Thumbs UpPros

  • Completely Mobile: Part of the appeal of mobile gambling is that it's… well, mobile. You can carry it anywhere and use it anywhere (as long as you have battery). This is the entire point behind the appeal of mobile gambling. The fact you don't even need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino in order to gamble is what makes it such a stroke of genius. It's almost hard to say mobile wins by this alone.
  • Convenient: Of course, with the mobility, comes the convenience. After a long hard day at work, players no longer have to seek out their local casinos or betting shops (which takes time out of their day). All they have to do is go online and see for themselves the amount of places there are to gamble.
  • Quick: While this point could be considered variable, generally speaking mobile gambling is quick and easy to use, giving it an immediate brownie point from us. This wasn't always the case (and in some cases, still isn't) for all mobile gambling but we think the advent of 4G and wireless internet has made the notion of mobility being slow a thing of the past.


  • Thumbs DownLess Space: Because your device is smaller than a desktop, it is less likely to carry the digital space needed to download all the game you want onto that device. Of course, there's always cloud sharing and the fact you can re-download something any time you want, but the fact you can't have it all on some phones or tablets is a bit of a bummer.
  • Need Internet Connection: This goes without saying. In order for mobile gambling to work at all, you device must be capable of connecting to the internet which in of itself may not be a stable connection. All it takes is to go through a tunnel on the train for you to loose signal. However, with WiFi slowly becoming omnipresent, we believe this too may become history.
  • Battery Life: All batteries need a charge and mobile devices need to be charged regularly, especially when connecting to the internet using 4G. If you gamble too long, you can seriously drain your phone's battery life which will become an immediate disadvantage if your mum wants to call you for a chat. Just make sure you bring your charger with you everywhere you go.


Desktop Gambling

gowin airmacThe very things that pre-dated mobile gambling, desktop gambling is the activity of visiting online casinos using a desktop computer. In more recent years, many have favoured laptops as a way of replacing the traditional desk-based machine for similar reasons as to why many use mobile devices. They're far easier to carry and much more widely used anyway.

Let's see how they compare when put up against the mobile gambling opposition.


  • Bigger Screen: Probably the most obvious advantage of a desktop is the capability of a larger screen than a mobile device. While this has more general benefits to do with your eyesight, having a bigger screen in our opinion enhances the experience of gambling. Though you may not want to be so public about it…
  • Longer/Constant Power: Due to the size of the battery, a laptop can last substantially longer than a mobile device, although this isn't always the case as a larger machine naturally needs more power to operate. However, a proper desktop computer is always plugged in and never needs to recharged. It will never cut out on you due to low power. Not unless you've paid the electricity bill, of course.
  • Even Quicker: Because a desktop is more likely to be wired up directly to the internet instead of using WiFi, the ability to connect quicker to a mobile casino is obvious. All you need is to plug in a cable and away you go!


  • Thumbs DownMore Cumbersome: Laptops are naturally more cumbersome due to their size and can be awkward to set up, turn on and use in public, especially in a crowded space. It's particularly impractical when you're standing up and holding it with one hand while typing with the other. It's therefore more advisable to use mobile devices when on the train home from work. They're also heavier.
  • More Reliant on WiFi: While a phone can use 4G, a laptop/desktop needs a direct internet connection in order to go online. This makes it harder to use as you will first of all need to find somewhere with WiFi first before even thinking about setting up your machine.
  • Not Always Portable: The whole point of a laptop is to be used on your lap, making it useful when typing documents when you're out and about. Desktops, however, are completely immobile and cannot be moved anywhere at all. This, naturally, takes away a lot of convenience points.



Overall, we'd have to say that mobile gambling is superior! Its overwhelming convenience and increasing sophistication don't quite make desktop gambling redundant but they do fill in the market more. After all, many people tend to gamble on the go nowadays as our lives grow constantly busier.

Also, in some respects, we believe tablets and phones have, in some ways, surpassed desktops and even laptops in their use. This isn't just the convenience side of things but also the accessibility and the ease in which they are utilized.