NetEnt Crowns Another Multimillionaire: Could You Be Next?

netent mobile gambling jackpotBefore it really happens to you, before you hit a huge jackpot yourself, the idea of becoming a millionaire thanks to mobile gambling seems unreal.

But it happens. In October for instance, another random Mega Fortune Dreams player in the UK living a perfectly ordinary life hit it big.

He won £4,082,246.09 and all he put in was an 80p bet! If you thought that phone gambling was just a small on-the-go hobby that would never pay much, then think again.

The yearly winners of the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot show that mobile gambling can be just as lucrative as online or land-based gambling.

Mobile Gambling: Are There Strategies to Hit the Jackpot?

You might think it’s all up to chance. And of course it’s true to a certain extent – chance has about 95% to do with you hitting the jackpot.

So what about that last 5% that you have control over? Let’s have a look at how you can maximize your chances of making those millions.

A Quick Overview of Progressive Jackpot Slots at Mobile Casinos

Progressive jackpots are available in desktop gambling but also mobile gambling. The way they work is that, over a period of time, small increments taken from wagers on certain games are pooled into one giant fructifying jackpot.

Players enter this jackpot by wagering on the relevant games. The entire jackpot will then be won by one lucky person who manages to trigger the right symbol or alignment of symbols.

So how you can heighten your chances to win the jackpot?

Make a Bankroll Management Plan

bankroll managementMobile gambling gives you the opportunity to use handy pay by phone methods for your casino banking.

These payment methods often give players a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to organising their casino spending.

For instance, you can play on the go with the pay by phone method, which allows you to play at leisure without having to worry about funds running out, as it all gets grouped with your phone bill.

Or, you can opt for e-wallet apps, which give you the opportunity to create a gambling-specific account. This is possibly the best option to manage your banking.

Thanks to these methods, you can keep up a constant and self-aware trickle of wagers on the progressive jackpot you’re aiming for.

In the end, privileging gain/loss management over frantic wagering will be good for your bank account, whether you manage to hit the jackpot or not.

Use a Maximum of Mobile Deposit Bonuses

payment method bonus casinoStrategies for hitting jackpots are really all about endurance. This means sustaining gains and losses in a sensible way while you’re aiming for the jackpot.

So, it’s only logical that you should pounce on any opportunity to use free spins and bonus money.

Using free spins on the games that are included in the progressive jackpot is a great plan, for instance. That way, you can work on wagering requirements at the same time, and then play with your now withdraw-able bonus winnings.

The advantage you have with mobile gambling is that mobile casinos often offer players a myriad of bonuses all the time. Whether it’s on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, they’re much more generous than their land-based counterparts.

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