Guide To Gambling On Any Mobile Device You Own

Mobile DevicesMore players are accessing their gambling through mobile devices than ever before. The year 2016/2017 saw a 10% rise in the proportion of players choosing to gamble on mobile verses on laptop or desktop for their online gambling to 43%, and because the number of people gambling overall remained constant, this shift suggests a migration to mobile, rather than a large uptake in gambling as a whole.

Because of this new data, we here at GoWin Casino thought it might be interesting to run through all the different ways you’re able to gamble on mobile devices, and what kind of gambling experiences you can enjoy on each mobile device you’re able to gamble on. We’re proud to be a mobile first casino, with our layout and game choice tailored to appeal to players accessing our site through mobile devices, and we’re keen to promote mobile wherever possible.


Smartphone Gambling's Golden Age

SmartphonesThe most obvious place to start when talking about the mobile devices people use to gamble online is with the gadget the majority of mobile gamblers use – the humble smartphone. Because smartphone users represent the highest proportion of mobile gamblers, casino and gambling operators and software developers have felt compelled to create games and playing environments which best suit the small screens of these portable devices. This in turn means that the choices for players accessing their gambling through smartphones is pretty limitless.

With most mobile optimised online casinos – including our own here at GoWin – utilising the latest HTML5 technology to provide smooth gaming on your Apple, Android or other handsets, the options open to those in possession smartphones. At GoWin for instance, you’re able to access every single one of our hundreds of games through your phone’s browser where – provided you have a decent internet connection – you’ll have a seamless gambling experience. However, because we’re all about choice, we have also created a native app that you can download and enjoy at your pleasure, with easy navigation and access to all the same top games.


Play Real Money Games On Tablets

TabletsThe second most common way players choose to access mobile gambling is a type of device which is as close to a smartphone you can get without being a smartphone; a tablet. The fact that most mainstream tablets – especially those which run on iOS or Android – utilise much of the same software as their smartphone counterparts ensures that the experience of gambling on a tablet very closely mimics that of gambling on a smartphone, only with a slightly bigger screen.

Tablet gambling tends to be a more sedentary activity, as most need a WIFI connection to allow you to use online casinos or betting site, meaning they tend to be used by gamblers relaxing at home or staying in one place (as opposed to on the move with smartphones). Because of the larger format for the screens, tablets also tend to showcase visually impressive games better; for instance, NetEnt games which are graphically rich and visually stunning look fantastic when scaled up on to a tablet screen.

All this means that players accessing gambling sites from their iPads, Samsung Tabs, or even Kindle Fires can all enjoy vivid gambling experiences every bit (and arguably much better) than those on desktop, laptops and smartphones.


Apple vs Android (vs Everyone Else)

iOS vs AndroidAs anyone who owns a tablet or smartphone knows, the two big operating systems you’re likely to use are iOS and Android. While there certainly are other operating systems on the market, it’s these two which get the most attention from online gambling operators appealing to the mobile player.

Luckily for users of both systems is that the vast majority of mobile casinos, bingo sites and poker rooms support visitors from any kind of operating system, provided they run HTML5 games. This means that whichever device you choose, you’ll still have the same gambling experience regardless of the system you run on.

The only difference you’re likely run into is whether the native apps developed by these operators are designed for the right system on your device. There’s actually a lot that sets Android, iOS and other operating systems apart when it comes to apps, meaning the software has to be specifically designed to sit the needs of the specific system. This means that some operators will only create apps for one system or another, so if you want to download your casinos, you might have your choice somewhat limited.


Mobile Gaming Systems?

Mobile Gaming ConsolesThough smartphones have dramatically eaten away at the market, thanks to the popularity of app based games, video game developers are still putting out new handheld gaming devices for use on the move, with these systems increasingly able to access the internet. So the question is: are you able to gamble on these mobile devices?

Although some games on certain consoles include some gambling aspects, we’re yet to see real money gaming on mobile gaming systems really take off. However, as the worlds of video gaming and mobile gaming become increasingly entwined, it’s easy to visualise a future in which you can switch between free to play games over to real money gaming on your Nintendo Switch or other gaming device.

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