Mobile Deposits: Could The £30 Daily Limit Be Higher?

We all love mobile deposits. In fact, it's common knowledge that they are convenient, easy to use and accessible to anyone who can send a text. That is, accessible to anyone who is willing to spend less than £30 a day on their gambling ventures. For many, this is good enough, yet for others, especially more high-rolling gamblers, it's a serious limitation.

We recognise that the mobile deposit limit is put in place for a good reason. After all, other deposit methods have their limits too, though they are often much higher. But in order to make mobile deposits truly accessible to every online player, should network providers consider raising the deposit limit to, say, £50 a day? It's an interesting question and today we're going to compare the pros and cons of a higher deposit limit and see if it could be done.


The Pros Of Raising The Mobile Deposit Limits

Poker on MobileBecomes More Accessible

For those that can afford it, a £50 mobile deposit limit could be at least open to them. After all, who wouldn't want access to mobile deposits? Their convenience is legendary and they make life easier for those who are a bit short on cash for the moment. If your salary's a bit higher than average, you wouldn't have to worry come payday.

Brings In More Money

A higher deposit limit would naturally bring in more money to the industry, too. Not just for the services that provide them (like Boku and Trustly) but also for the mobile gambling industry in general. Naturally, people spending money on mobile deposits means they're likely to gamble a bit more so it only makes sense that it'll make the industry grow.

Shows Trust In The Player

By giving this much room for the player to spread their wings, it shows a level of trust that the network providers and, by extension, mobile casinos are willing to give players. After all, restricting them from paying a mobile deposit that they're willing to pay will only irritate them and turn elsewhere for an easy method of payment.

Encourages More Players To Deposit

This is simple to understand, too. The larger the deposit limit, the more likely people are going to deposit, no matter if its £5 or £50. It gives people more scope when they make their mobile deposits and the freedom to choose what they wish.


The Cons Of Raising Mobile Deposit Limits

Encourages Problem Gambling

mobile-gambler-rookie-mistakeThe problem that a higher deposit limit immediately brings up is the fact that it could encourage more problem gambling. It's all well and good giving the high rollers more room to spend more money. But for those who can less easily afford it? It's much easier to fall in the sink hole of addiction. This is why it's only £30 in the first place. It imposes an obligatory budgetary constraint to prevent this from happening.

Bill Shock/Overspending

Another thing that makes a £50 limit on mobile deposits bad is that it can also encourage overspending. You may not be addicted but it's all too easy to forget about that phone bill every month until you actually get it. Then you'll be sorry that you spent £50 when you knew you couldn't afford it. it would take extra discipline that would be there anyway if the limit remained at £30.

Might Drive Away Players

As well as encouraging more players to deposit, it might drive them away too. Seeing a deposit limit of £50 could make them nervous and not want to put down such a large sum. They might feel pressured into spending money they cannot afford. More to the point, they're not confident in themselves to stay within the confines of reasonable gambling. It could be a hindrance as well as a benefit.


So, What Gives? Our Conclusion

conclusion question markShould mobile network providers raise the deposit limit? Honestly, no. It's fine as it is at £30 and the disadvantages, though they seem to be outnumbered by the benefits, seem to have far too big consequences to warrant such a move.

Problem gambling could increase and many people are already blaming mobile gambling for causing addicts to have ‘easier access' their addiction. Imagine the scandal it'll create if mobile deposits got an increase. You still have your other deposit methods, too, so it's not much of a problem for high-rollers to switch to them if they wish to pay more.

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