Microgaming Gain Exclusive Rights To Produce Tarzan Slots

microgaming logoSlot developer Microgaming has just secured the exclusive rights to develop slot games based on the popular Tarzan series. And Microgaming is no stranger to branded slots having already produced a range of hit games based on numerous films, which include Jurassic Park, Bridesmaids and The Dark Knight Rises. The great news is that the first Tarzan slots is already in development for both desktop and mobile devices, so keep a close eye on our site if you'd love to give it a try! 

Microgaming Gain Exclusive Rights To Tarzan Brand

tarzan bookThe deal was overseen by The Creative Licensing Corporation, which handled the agreement between Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc and Microgaming. The original author and creator of the series, Edgar Rice Burroughs, died in 1950.

The chief executive of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, was already teasing the slot and gave a ballpark release date for sometime at the end of the year: “Having seen the game in prototype, I can honestly say the online slot will not disappoint Tarzan fans; operators and their players can look forward to the game’s release this winter.”

Microgaming: King of Branded Slots

Microgaming are a powerhouse when it comes to slot development. While most slot makers put out maybe one slot a month, Microgaming put out two without fail and sometimes even manage a third. What's even more surprising is that the quality of these slots isn't affected by the increased output.

jurassic worldMicrogaming have exclusivity rights to a significant number of popular series. Only recently, Microgaming received exclusivity to the Jurassic Park series after releasing their Jurassic Park slot. Rumours of a Jurassic World slot have been bubbling for a while, but so far there's no official release date. The fact that the Tarzan slot has an announced winter release shows us that it's definitely nearing completion, as Microgaming are not a slot maker that messes around when it comes to slot announcements.

Tarzan is a series with tonnes of stories, some much more rushed than others. If there was ever a slot provider to match the number of installments of the Tarzan series, whilst keeping the quality up, it would be Microgaming. We're looking forward eagerly to the first Tarzan slot and the many that are sure to follow.

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