Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot Breaks Mobile Payout World Record

mega moolah mobile record payoutMega Moolah has broken yet another online payout record, this time dishing out the highest online payout ever won on a mobile device, by delivering an incredible jackpot of €7,968,311.26 (£6.677m) to one lucky player. In October last year, the hit progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming made headlines when it paid out an astounding jackpot of just over €17m (just over £13m) to British veteran Jon Heywood.

While the previous payout was much larger, it was made on a desktop device, making this new sum the largest ever to occur on a mobile phone. The lucky player, who won the sum whilst playing at Zodiac Casino, has chosen to remain anonymous, going by the handle D.P instead. The win took place on Sunday 28th August and while D.P chose to announce the win almost immediately, they did not go on to disclose any other information about themselves.


Mobile Payout Record Broken By Microgaming

microgaming logoHaving just come hot off the celebrations for their previous Guinness world record win for the very same slot, John Quinn, Head of Casino at Microgaming, quickly commented that “with mobile gaming now accounting for almost half of all gameplay, it’s no surprise that we are seeing mega wins on this platform. We are extremely proud to have the longest-standing and biggest progressive jackpot network in the market, which also holds a Guinness word records title. To now claim the largest ever mobile jackpot win is very pleasing. On behalf of everyone at Microgaming, congratulations to D.P. on this mammoth mobile win.

Although we're uncertain where D.P resides, given that Zodiac Casino is only supported for European territories, we can at least predict which continent they live on. It's always understandable that players choose not to disclose their identities when they win big money, but the high profile of the win may makes this a tricky situation. There will almost certainly be a Guinness World Record and continued press around the jackpot win for several months.

It will be interesting to see if the impressive milestone of the win will cause D.P to reveal their identity, or if they'll be put down as an anonymous world record breaker when the award is finally given.


What Makes Mega Moolah A Record Breaker

After its recent success, some may be asking – what is it about Mega Moolah that causes it to keep breaking records? Its only major contender is NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams slot, but that's been relatively quiet in terms of big payouts for over a year now. Mega Moolah on the other hand, has managed to break two impressive world records within an 11 mmega moolah jackpotonth period.

Mega Moolah's record breaking reputation won't be slowing down either. The reason is simple, Mega Moolah is very popular and those continued headlines about mega jackpot payouts are only adding to that popularity. The mega jackpots of progressive jackpot slots are made up of the losses of all its players. When a player loses money to the slot, a percentage of that loss is taken and added to the pot.

The more players who are taking part in the slot, the faster and higher the jackpot will reach, until it's won. With this latest news, more players than ever will be heading over to get a piece of the life changing cash Mega Moolah is handing out. It's not impossible that we'll see this latest record shattered before the year's end, given the renewed hype around Mega Moolah's potential payouts.