Luck Of The Irish And Lucky Tree Slots Launching This Week

What lucky, lucky players you here at GoWin Casino are this week! Why are you so lucky? Well, not only do you get to get your sticky little fingers on two brand new slots that are launching at our casino in the next couple of days, but in doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy two games which promise you luck.

It’s literally right there in their titles! So, come back here on Thursday of this week, and you’ll discover Luck of the Irish: Fortune Spins and Lucky Tree – two excellent games from two top developers.

Luck Of The Irish: Fortune Spins – Blueprint Gaming

Luck of the Irish: Fortune Spins Logo I have to put my cards on the table here right up-front and admit that I’ve got a history of giving ‘luck of the Irish’ themed games a pretty hard time. And I’m talking about the theme here – pretty much any game that comes adorned with shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns.

Throughout the history of gambling, the perceived and fabled luck of the Irish has been the basis for superstition. So how do I feel about a game that so unashamedly calls itself Luck of the Irish: Fortune Spins? Well, contrary to what you might think – I’m actually really into it.

It’s a sad fact that most of the games that follow this theme execute it with lacklustre graphics and audivisuals, and try and get the questionable theme to carry even more questionable gameplay.

Luck of the Irish: Fortune Spin doesn’t fall victim of this; its graphics are crystal clear, and the green pastoral scene of the emerald isle that it evokes is one of the best I’ve seen. And then there’s the gameplay.

So, as you’d expect from any game we decided to launch here on GoWin, you’ll find the regular selection of free spins, scatters and other bonus features tucked away among the reels, but there’s one aspect of the game you’re not going to find on many of our other slots.

The eponymous ‘Fortune Spin’ refers to an extra reel which you can choose to spin in addition to the regular five reels; this Fortune Spins reel costs a little more to spin, but holds much larger rewards in store for those who dare.

Lucky Tree Mobile Slot – Scientific Games

Lucky Tree Slot Logo If you’re a land-based casino fanatic as well as being an online and mobile player, the name Lucky Tree might strike you as familiar, particularly if you’re a fan of the Bally Games terminals you’ll find all over the place. Yes, indeed, this is the Lucky Tree of Bally fame, only it’s made its way to our smartphones, and has never been better!

Just like its companion joining it at the casino this week, Lucky Tree has a special bonus feature that also links to its name. The lucky tree of the title is an oversized shrub that grows around the reels and hangs its fruit at the top of the screen.

After any given spin, one or more of these fruits may fall, and land somewhere on your reels – whichever symbols the fruit hits will become wild, increasing your chances of winning!

Find Luck of the Irish: Fortune Spins and Lucky Tree at GoWin Casino from Thursday 18th May.

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