The IGT Mega Jackpot Progressive Jackpot Slots At GoWin Ranked

mega jackpot range rankedGoWin has an excellent range of progressive jackpot slots, the shining crown among them being the Mega Jackpot range of progressive jackpots slots by IGT. There are 5 games in the Mega Jackpot series which is made up of: Star Lanterns, Cleopatra, Siberian Storm, Isle O'Plenty and Wolf Run. The Mega Jackpot slot series has been going for just over four years and the new slots have released pretty consistently during its life span.

With each release, IGT have made sure to update the visuals, create an all new theme and shake up some of the gameplay of the new slot addition. In this guide, we've pulled together all 5 of the Mega Jackpot slots and ranked them from the worst to the best.


5. Star Lanterns Jackpot Slot

mega jackpot star lanternsStar Lanterns comes bottom of our list, but it isn't for the fault of being an inherently bad slot. In fact, we're confident that if you played Star Lanterns first, you might place it far higher up your own personal list. However, given that we have been playing the franchise since its inception, it's harder for us to see Star Lanterns as anything else but retrodden ground.

Star Lanterns has a crisp and dazzling Chinese New Year theme, capturing its atmosphere perfectly in both its visuals and sound design. But when it comes to gameplay, Star Lanterns adds nothing new to the series and when you've already seen multiple releases in the series, more of the same is far less appetising, regardless of how shiny it might be on the surface.


4. Isle O'Plenty Jackpot Slot

mega jackpot isle o plentyIsle O'Plenty managed to squeeze in a few more additional features into the mix, which was impressive given that it was following the impressive opening acts set by Cleopatra and Siberian Storm. Along with the free spins bonus round and “Second Chance” feature which had already become a staple of the series, Isle O'Plenty's big new addition was  a Leprechaun Magic feature that kicked in during free spins, which increased the chances of gaining additional wilds on four of its reels during the bonus spins round.

Unfortunately, even with these new tweaks to the formula, Isle O'Plenty was hampered by a cliche Irish theme, which has become very tired and overused. On top of that, we find that the variance in Isle O'Plenty is far higher when compared to other slots in the series, meaning that wins and bonus rounds come very rarely, leading to a lot of apathy in between wins.


3. Siberian Storm Jackpot Slot

mega jackpot siberian stormSiberian Storm was the follow up to Cleopatra and did a fine job in building on the sturdy foundations which its prequel had managed to lay down. Siberian Storm once again brought a unique aesthetic to the series, utilising a winter tundra. The windy and desolate theme brought a lot of atmosphere to the game and makes it among one of our favourites to play for its look and sound alone.

When it came to gameplay, Siberian Storm shook things up by changing over to a 720 ways to win format, replacing the original payline system that had been established in Cleopatra. Personally, we're bigger fans of the payline system, which is why Siberian Storm comes in a middling place on our list, but even with that change to the series, Siberian Storm arrived with a clean selection of bonus features, which made the game varied, without overloading players with a million new rules to remember.


2. Wolf Run Jackpot Slot

mega jackpot wolf run slotWolf Run was one of the later releases in the series, but came out on top because it finally pulled together all the lessons that had been learned from the previous entries. Firstly, it kept the new gameplay additions added in Isle O'Plenty, whilst in turn including a much more interesting slot theme, depicting a pack of wolves surviving in the cold wilderness. It also made the second victory of returning the series back to a payline system, offering up 40 adjustable paylines in total.

Thirdly, Wolf Run upped the RTP, giving players a payout rate of 94.98%, the highest the series has ever seen. In summary, Wolf Run had great visual design, an atmospheric soundscape, new features and more money up for grabs than ever. All in all, there was very little more we could have asked for in a progressive jackpot slot, and Wolf Run bought it all together into one neat and very enjoyable package.


1. Cleopatra Jackpot Slot

mega jackpot cleopatraThe classics are classic for a reason and even after all these years and newer releases, IGT never managed to top their original release in our eyes. Cleopatra might have the most basic features in the entire series, but slot features shouldn't be judged based on their quantity. Gameplay should always be based on quality alone, and when it comes to quality, Cleopatra is simply a refined slot that is polished to a mirror shine.

It contains a tight array of features, which all compliment one another, turning up often enough to keep players engaged and ready to continue. Finally, all of this is packaged in a charming ancient Egyptian theme which adds a lot of character to the proceedings. If you want the ultimate Mega Jackpot experience, then you'd be smart to head to where it all started, or else you risk missing out on the best the series has to offer.

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