A Look Forward At ICE 2017 – Innovating Online And Mobile Gambling

ice totally gaming excelThe world famous gaming exhibition, ICE is coming round once again. As ever, we can expect it to be full of exciting news about the mobile gambling industry in the years to come. Last year was particularly exciting with Virtual Reality coming to mobile gambling, but this year promises to be more interesting. Word has it that there are more innovations on the issue of detecting problem gambling and that an MP is going to give a speech on the second day of the conference, 7th February. What else can we expect? Read on to find out more.


New Innovations

ICE Totally GamingSo what kind of new innovations can we expect to see at this year's ICE? Well, along with a whole myriad of new software development and better data input, this conference plans to show off some startling new bit of technology that will help mobile casinos with better detecting gambling addiction.

While the exact nature of this technology is a mystery to us until the start of ICE, we do know that it will employ better customer protection overall and will work of preventing problem gambling before it becomes an issue. And we must say, although there are already measures in place to prevent such problems, being able to drive the figure down even more is always a good sign. It just goes to show how much industry experts care about their consumers.


A Visit From An MP

parliamentA surprising reveal about the ICE conference is the appearance of Phillip Davies who will show up at the Annual Regulator's lunch to give a speech on the importance of “social responsibility”. He has gone on record to say he would like to help lead the UK into being the best providers of responsible gambling. “The UK has already provided a blueprint for regulation in so many worldwide markets and I’m a strong supporter of us maintaining that lead,” he added.

An admirable goal but one has to ask if this isn't already the case. The amount of people currently suffering from problem gambling is less than 2%. While it could be lower still, it is leaps and bounds further than what other nations may have. On the other hand, it's always important not to be boastful and try not to be competitive about it.


Social Responsibility

responsbilityThe key phrase at the ICE conference has to be ‘Social Responsibility‘. By this it's implied that this is what the gambling industry will be focusing on primarily over the coming year. Either the figures of people who have developed gambling addiction has increased or it's simply a new goal in technological advancement.

Still, we won't be surprised if there are a lot of new advert campaigns for gambling responsibly, a short revival as it were from a couple of years ago. Overall, there's loads to look forward to at ICE 2017, but we are very happy the focus is on social responsibility and innovations, as opposed to vanity projects.